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Website: https://www.vosleryoungartistsstudio.com/

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330 Pauls Dr, Suite 205, Brandon, United States

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More about our program (Cirriculum below) 

September-May Annually  

Teens meet on Sundays from 10 AM to 2:00 PM with a half hour lunch built in.

Pre-Teens meet on Sundays from 2:15 to 4:15 PM with a snack break built in.   

A limited number of scholarships may be available to students in need of financial assistance.  Additionally we provide scholarships through school auction programs to attend our summer workshops annually.  


Online Cirriculum 



We teach students to see and understand, contour, shape, form, line, values, and edges followed by gesture and rhythms.  We teach observational drawing and the classical language that accompanies this discipline.


Teen Program

Consists of a specific course of study in the mornings with the live model followed by the practice of learned concepts.  The afternoon is dedicated to individual projects.   


Concepts and Master Copies


Bargue Plate Master Copy

Teens & Pre-teens 

All students work through the Barque Drawing Course.  This 19th Century course is integral to our overall program because it helps to propel our students' knowledge and skill. 


Leonardo Technical Manuals


When students complete a sufficient number of Bargue Plates they may track through our horse program if they have the desire to learn to draw the horse.  Students learn the anatomy from the bone structure to the muscles. This program is complemented with the addition of Anatomy of the Horse, by sculptor, Isidore Bonheur from the Caproni Collection.   


Cast Drawing


In our dedicated cast room students work through our casts from the Caproni Collection. 

Online students are provided an excellent image to work from and links to purchase casts for in the home use. 


Head and Shoulders 


Students learn anatomy of the skull, muscles and how to draw the head anywhere in space.  This includes the neck and top of the torso.  Skull, Asaro Planes of the head, Masks, and full sculpture in the round are all explored through drawings.  There are opportunities to model for each other and professional models are hired each month to practice both short and long poses.  


Figure Drawing


Students are taught the cannons of proportion throughout the human figure.  Artists study from the bones and landmark points first and layer muscles over the bones through plates from Artistic Anatomy by Paul Richer.  The instructor layers other lessons such as;  Angles, planes, morphology, rhythms and from instructor's experience.  Each lesson is followed by work with the live clothed model to learn to see and construct a human figure with accuracy.   


Study of fabric


Memory Drawing 


Fantasy Drawing


Our pre-teens all do the basic program and Bargue plates.  We like to break up the rigorous classical study with fantasy drawings or play.  Students follow along as the instructor begins to draw using classical terms and descriptive language.  Students do not know what they are drawing but have fun guessing until the drawing is further along.  Once students complete the basic concepts we allow them to use their imaginations to embellish their drawings

Themes may include:

Shapes in Space with a single light source (sun)

Animals with cast shadows

Dinosaurs in landscape with distant volcano

Near and far 


Plein air Drawing and Painting


En Grise painting


Once students show a reasonable understanding of drawing we bridge them into En Grise painting. 


Spring Break & Summer Workshops 

June - August Annually

Our summer workshops as more focused study for those who may not be able to attend our Fall/Winter/Spring programs as well as for our regular students who want to continue development.   Many of our workshops begin with a Bargue drawing and all culminate with live models to practice learned concepts. 

Some of our previous workshop themes:

Hands and arms (Anatomy and muscles)

Feet and legs (Anatomy and muscles)

Anatomy of the Torso (Anatomy with bony landmarks plus basic muscles)

Head Building 1 (focused on the skull, large muscles and neck to clavicle)

Head Building 2 (focused on features of the face and expression)


Portfolio Development starts at enrollment.  


Website https://www.vosleryoungartistsstudio.com/
Email voslerportrait@gmail.com
Founded 2010
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 3
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 20
Accommodation No

Part time: USD 225 / month

Vosler Young Artists' Studio

330 Pauls Dr, Suite 205

Brandon, FL, 33511, United States


Kerry Vosler


KerryVosler.com Kerry L. Vosler was born in Seattle, Washington in 1957.  Kerry’s first drawing instructor was her mother, Frieda Swindler, a trained fashion illustrator. In 1986 she began serious studies with nationally known master artists. Among her most influential instructors were, Daniel Greene, Robert Liberace, Lois Griffel, and Charles Miano, to name a few.  Today Kerry is a seasoned plein air painter, portrait and figurative artist. She is equally skilled in the mediums of oil, pastel, charcoal and conte.   Kerry’s interests vary from collaborating with local Flamenco Dancers to create paintings depicting the art form of Classical Spanish Flamenco to portraiture, landscape and figurative work en plein air. A passionate teacher Kerry and her husband, James, co-founded in 2010, the Vosler Young Artists’ Studio, A Classical Atelier for children under eighteen in Tampa, Florida.  Her dedication to her students has led them to wonderful opportunities to excel in the art world. Kerry continues to be a driving force for the preservation of fine arts education. Kerry served as the Florida Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America since 2005 and became the National and International Coordinator in 2020.  In 2012 she was appointed faculty to the Portrait Society of America’s Annual Portrait Academy, Miami, Florida.  Kerry is member of the board at the Southern Atelier in Sarasota, Florida. Kerry teaches classes and workshop in drawing, portrait, figure and plein air painting at her atelier in Brandon, Florida Among Kerry’s most notable select commissions, is former Congressman “Ike” Skelton, D-MO.  Her paintings hang in private collections in Australia, The United States and Europe. KerryVosler.com VoslerYoungArtistsStudio.com

Yeats Ihrig


https://wyihrig.com/ I was born in Tampa, Florida in 1996. While I was growing up, I studied Latin and Greco-Roman mythology; my school books often used reproductions of nineteenth-century paintings as illustrations. I was thus introduced to painters such as John William Waterhouse and Frederic, Lord Leighton. At the age of 14, I began taking drawing lessons at the Vosler Young Artists' Studio. After graduating high school, I moved to Florence, Italy and studied at the Angel Academy of Art, from which I was graduated in the spring of 2018. I am currently studying in Paris at the American University and will graduate in Spring of 2021. https://wyihrig.com/ https://www.artrenewal.org/14thARCSalon/Home/Artist/15954 https://www.instagram.com/yeatsihrig/?hl=en Yeats Ihrig graduated from Robinson High School in 2014. He has been the recipient of three scholarships from the the Portrait Society of America. He received a Honorable Mention for his self portrait at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, 2nd Annual Teen Portrait Competition, 2013. Yeats graduated from the Angle Academy of Art, Florence, Italy in 2018. He was a finalist in the Art Renewal Center's 14th Annual International Salon for his still life paintings of "Cose Vecchie" & Still Life with Pumpkin in 2019. Yeats is an alumni of the Vosler Young Artists' Studio and teaching assistant from 2010-2014. He teaches the VYAS Summer programs each year and contributes to program development.

Elizabeth Jennis-Burge


http://www.elizabethjennessburge.com Elizabeth Jenness Burge originates from New England. She began her visual training under painter Ruth Jewell and with surrealist painter John Stephens and Dartmouth Professor and graduate of the Bauhaus, Hannes Beckman before entering and completing four years at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. Further education includes an Associates of Commercial art, numerous workshops and most recently, a classical academic training at the Southern Atelier. She has a regular studio practice, exhibits and teaches, is commissioned for portraiture and has been awarded in plein aire events. Her exploration of the world, and its rhythms and structures, through the practice of drawing and painting continues to unfold and to deliver awe and inspiration to her. The focus for her personal work is primarily to create the illusion of space through the relationships she finds before her. The relationships, through the quality of light, are the impetus and the acceleration of the work. The goal is a graceful conveyance of gesture, harmony and atmosphere. She continues to believe in the pursuit of artistic practice as a way into the ultimate in conscious expansion, joy and personal truth. http://www.elizabethjennessburge.com

Celia Liberace


https://www.celialiberace.com/ Celia Liberace is a 20-year-old artist living and studying in New York City. She is currently completing her BFA at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in Manhattan. Her work represents an amalgamation of both traditional representation and the modern interpretations of contemporary life. She often references portraiture and the human form to communicate topics regarding femininity, mental illness, sustainability, and self-actualization. Celia’s work has been featured in Sotheby’s and Salmagundi Club in Manhattan, Museu Europeu d'Art Modern and Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Southern Atelier in Florida, Principle Gallery in Virginia, among other galleries throughout the United States. ​ Celia was awarded First Place, Da Vinci Initiative, 14th International ARC Salon Competition in 2019. 14th International ARC Salon Exhibition, Sotheby's, New York, NY, July 2020 https://www.celialiberace.com/ https://www.celialiberace.com/instagram



Shell Collection I

Lion's Play

Cose Vecchie

Still Life with Pumpkin

Fishing the Flats

Wild Florida Hydrangea


Study in White

Trio and Fan

Bargue plate 62

Houdon Mask

Drawing of male figure

Charcoal Drawing

Discarded Tights

Bargue Plate 36

Memory Drawing Rabbit

Hygieia Goddess of Health

Civil War Soldier


Horse Anatomy

Iron Cast Head & Shoulders


David's Ear

Torso in Silverpoint


Life drawing in Torso Workshop

Copy work at torso workshop

Torso from life

Life Drawing

Block in studies of feet from life

Lots of Bargue feet

Summer Workshop on Feet

Bargue Hand

Head Studies

Mikaela's Pirate

Alexandria's Joan of Arc Cast drawing

Still Life Vase

David's eye cast

Practice from life model

Yeats Instructing Summer Workshop

Life Drawing in the studio

Isabella' Torso study

Kerry instructing

Skull study

Spencer's cast drawing in progress

Zowie draws the perfect model!

Studio Interior

Dedicated Cast Room

Building Exterior

Study from clay sculpture

Gesture drawing outdoors

McLean Workshop 2019

Yeats Instructing

Scholarship recipient, Mikaela meets artists at the Portrait Society of America Conference

Spencer models for Jeff Hein