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How can you contribute?

The Art Renewal Center® is dedicated to the renewal of traditional art education and training. The much-needed contributions are used to support our ARC Approved™ ateliers and provide scholarships for students who study the techniques of the past, thereby acquiring the tools needed to create great Contemporary Realist works. They help us maintain our extensive library of news stories, features, articles, editorials, essays, technical information, ARC Living Masters Gallery™, lists of ARC Approved™ ateliers and schools, and the steadily expanding ARC Museum, with thousands of high quality images of the greatest paintings and sculptures in history.

If you are considering making a contribution to ARC, read on.

Financial Contributions

You can donate conveniently on-line by clicking the below link or you may donate by check, wire, or in the form of a matched grant. Any donation amount is welcome.

If you would like to donate to the Art Renewal Center via the ARC website, click here.

Please send a check or wire for amounts over $10,000. (All checks and money order must be US funds drawn on a US bank.)

Please mail your check payable to Art Renewal Center to:

The Art Renewal Center
100 Markley Street
Port Reading, NJ 07064

Give a gift to someone by making a donation to the Art Renewal Center® in their name. Please let us know in the comments section at check out, please say in whose name the donation should be made and where to send the letter. Each letter is signed by ARC Chairman Fred Ross and is embossed with the ARC Seal. For this option a minimum donation of $50 is required.

Works of art are also accepted as a form of donation, if you have a work of art you would like to contribute, please contact Kara Lysandra Ross at

If you would like to sponsor ARC with a corporate grant or are in a position to advocate on our behalf, please let us know by contacting Your company might match your donation to ARC. Many companies/corporations/foundations offer matching gift programs, whereby they will match your charitable gifts. Your human resources office will know if your company has a matching gift program. If so, simply fill out the form provided by your company and include it with your donation to Art Renewal Center®.

Did you know that by buying a fine art print, book or DVD from the ARC Store you are supporting ARC as all proceeds go towards our charitable works?

ARC is a recognized 501(c)(3) educational foundation. Donations are tax deductible within the United States. Donation letters will be sent upon receipt of funds.

Image Contributions

If you would like to donate images to the Art Renewal Center's online museum, we are more then happy to receive them. Images should be a minimum of 1500 pixels at the larger dimension and be at a minimum of 72 DPI. New images are added to the museum at the Art Renewal Center's sole discretion and must include the name of the artist, title of work, and any accompanying information that is available such as size, medium, and date of execution. Information should be included in the file name. (For example the file name should look as follows: Bouguereau_William_Nymphes_et_Satyre_1873_180x260cm_oil_on_canvas). If you know that the painting is at a museum, please include that information in the e-mail and supply the name and location of the museum. Only realist works are accepted.

Please contact about your image donations or contact her with any questions concerning what would be a valid donation.

Article Contributions

If you are a writer and would like to write a painting analysis to accompany a painting in our museum, or are an art historian and would like to contribute an article please write

Articles and other writings are reviewed and put up at the Art Renewal Center's sole discretion.

Time Contributions

We are happy to make corrections to the ARC website if you have discovered any errors. Please write with any typo corrections.

If you would like to be an ARC advocate and let people know about ARC and our mission, there are several ways we can help you do this:

Ask us for a printable JPG file that you can print out yourself and give to your friends and community centers. (Do not put our flyers on cars as it is considered littering in many states.)

If you have a Facebook account, regularly share our paintings on your page. We have put a convenient share button on every artist's page and on every image in the ARC museum.

Encourage artists you know to enter our ARC Salon and apply to become an ARC Living Artist™.

Talk about us with whomever will listen. Word of mouth is always important to any organization.

Direct people to the ARC Philosophy — — and help restore the reputation of the old masters, 19th century artists, and contemporary realists to their rightful place in history.

If you would like to become a member of ARC ...

Join the Art Renewal Center and help bring sanity, beauty and reason back to the fine arts!

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