Resurrection of Russia

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Alain Amar

21st Century Realist

Resurrection of Russia

57 x 43 cms | 22 1/4 x 16 3/4 ins
Oil on wood panel

"Under the burning sun, one of my sisters being lying dead, her body emancipated by the tyranny, lying  dead in the middle of the desert. She seemed abandoned, even in her death. She had died alone, without anybody with her to console her. She will be watered, resuscitated, she will return towards The house, She will again be decorated and irrigated, she will not refuse any more The food."

Symbolic vision which can be applied as well to a Soul as to a nation:

To notice the correspondence with the isolated distant island. To notice also that the sky is represented as the sea,  crossed by the arm. The hand cross and come to help. Besides the fact that it is a symbolic representation, there is nevertheless a concrete element which evokes clearly Russia.

Painted in different layers of colors, each coat of which is left to dry before the next is added, thus leaving the artist-monk long intervals to spend in meditation. That needs Several working days distributed over several weeks and even months. Between five to ten layers called « glacis » which give a great wealth, subtlety and depth of colors.
Pice on request.