3rd ARC Scholarship (2002)

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The Winners for 2002

The Art Renewal Center is extremely pleased to announce the winners of the ARC 2002 Scholarship Competition. From the countless scholarship inquiries to the many qualified applicants that submitted their materials, 5 winners were chosen where a grand total of $10,000 has been awarded. Our esteemed judges have expressed that their final decision has in fact been a difficult one due to the exceptional quality of the student's work. This years judges were Allan Banks, Virgil Elliott, Richard Whitney, and ARC's Chairman Fred Ross.

Adrian Gottlieb has been awarded First Place with an honorarium of $4,000 to continue his studies with instructor Maureen Hyde in Florence, Italy. Our Second Place award, along with $2,400 goes to Kristine Diehl to further her studies at The Atelier in Minneapolis, MN. Beginning her first year at the Angel Academy in Florence, Thimgan Hayden has been awarded Third Place with $2,000. In a tie for Fourth Place with $800 each, Dana Levin will continue her studies at The Florence Academy of Art and James Connolly at the New York Academy of Art.

On behalf of our Chairman, Fred Ross and everyone here at the Art Renewal Center a well-deserved congratulations is extended to all of our scholarship recipients. We thank them for their dedication and upholding of artistic traditions and values sought by the ARC and the ASCR, and we wish them continued success on their artistic journey.

1 First Place Winner - $4,000 ($4,000)

Adrian Gottlieb

Portrait of Mÿ

Oil painting

25 x 21 inches

Instructor: Maureen Hyde

School: Atelier Florence Academy of Art

1 Second Place Winner - $2,400 ($2,400)

Kristine Diehl

Self Portrait

Oil painting

42 x 32 inches

School: The Atelier in Minneapolis

1 Third Place Winner - $2,000 ($2,000)

Thimgan Hayden

In Her Orange Dress

Oil painting

24 x 18 inches

School: Angel Academy of Art, Florence

2 Fourth Place Winners - $800 ($1,600)

Dana Levin


18 x 14 inches

School: Atelier Florence Academy of Art

James Connolly



20 x 14 inches

School: New York Academy of Art