6th ARC Scholarship (2005)

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The Art Renewal Center is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2005 Annual Scholarship Competition. Now in its fifth year, the ARC Scholarship program has been helping students from all over the world continue their studies at ARC Approved Ateliers and Schools. With a minimum of $10,000 awarded annually and $60,000 awarded to date, ARC is helping ensure that our future generations of artists are receiving proper instruction in the traditional and classical methods of representational art.

ARC is honored to have two new judges in the rotation with Dr. Vern G. Swanson, Director of the Springville Museum of Art, Utah. Dr. Swanson is the world expert and author of the Catalogues Raisonné on Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward. Also joining the Judge's panel for the first time is Stephen Gjertson, ARC Living Master and founding member of the American Society of Classical Realism Guild of Artists. Completing this years panel is ARC's own Chairman and Founder, Fred Ross.

First Place with an honorarium of $4,000 has been awarded to David C. Hancock to continue his studies with Michael John Angel at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Second Place with $2,500 goes to Cody Swanson, as he enters his third year at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Third Place with $2,000 has been awarded to Ryan Brown. Ryan has just completed his studies with William Whitaker and Patrick Devonas at the Carl Bloch Academy and is now embarking on his first year of studies at the Florence Academy of Art. In a tie for Fourth Place with $750 each are Steven Forster and Yee Kang Ngeow. Yee Kang will continue his studies at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada as he enters his fourth and final level of the program. Steven will continue his studies at the Florence Academy of Art as he enters his second year. Fifth place and $250 has been awarded to Joshua Langstaff to continue his studies with Juliette Aristides at the Aristides Classical Atelier in Seattle, Washington, USA.

On behalf of our Chairman, Fred Ross and everyone here at the Art Renewal Center a well-deserved congratulations is extended to all of our scholarship recipients. We thank these young talented artists and the fine institutions in which they study for their dedication and upholding of artistic traditions and values sought by the ARC, and we wish them continued success on their artistic journey.

1 First Place Winner - $4,000 ($4,000)

David C. Hancock

Belvedere Torso

Oil on canvas

28 x 22 inches

Instructor: Michael John Angel

School: Angel Academy of Art, Florence

1 Second Place Winner - $2,500 ($2,500)

Cody Swanson


Clay, 2005

Life size

School: Atelier Florence Academy of Art

1 Third Place Winner - $2,000 ($2,000)

Ryan Brown

The Russian Shawl

Oil painting, 2003

16 x 12 inches

Instructor: William Whitaker and Patrick Devonas

School: Carl Bloch Academy

2 Fourth Place Winners - $750 ($1,500)

Steven Forster


Charcoal on paper, 2005

50 x 20 inches

School: Atelier Florence Academy of Art

Yee Kang Ngeow


Charcoal on paper, 2004

24 x 18 inches

School: Academy of Realist Art, Toronto

1 Fifth Place Winner - $250 ($250)

Joshua Langstaff


Graphite on paper, 2005

11.75 x 19 inches

Instructor: Juliette Aristides

School: Aristides Classical Atelier