Ryan Gondarowski

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Ryan Gondarowski

Aged 19

Academy of Realist Art Boston

Instructor(s): Cindy MacMillan, Julie Beck, Garrett Vitanza, Emanuela De Musis

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  • Artworks

The Lantern


27.94 x 17.78 cms (11 x 7 ins)

Arm Bargue


50.8 x 45.72 cms (20 x 18 ins)

Fortuney Master Copy


55.88 x 45.72 cms (22 x 18 ins)

Self portrait


20.32 x 25.4 cms (8 x 10 ins)



40.64 x 30.48 cms (16 x 12 ins)

Halibet Point


30.48 x 20.32 cms (12 x 8 ins)

Cash is King


15.24 x 20.32 cms (6 x 8 ins)

My Long-term Educational and Career Goals


Since I was 12 years old, I have known that I would like to pursue art as a career.  Over the past few years, that passion has developed into a serious pursuit of becoming an accomplished classical/realist artist.  Upon completing my homeschool high school program, I received a one year scholarship from the Academy of Realist Art in Boston, Massachusetts.  I am currently completing my second year of intensive art training.   


Since financial support is difficult for me to achieve, I have been fortunate to begin my atelier training with the scholarship from the ARA.  However, I need to obtain further financial support in order to successfully accomplish my long-term educational goals.  The first of these goals is to complete the remaining two years of intensive art training at this atelier.  Then, after I complete this program, I hope to work as a gallery artist and teach as a classical instructor.  


In developing my goals, I have had several artists support me in my training.  Initially, Sandra Wakeen and Alexandra Walters have spent countless hours mentoring me on this journey.  This past year, Julie Beck (from the ARA) has patiently and passionately worked with me in becoming a more proficient artist.  I hope to one day be able to help others along their journey as I have been helped.  



My long-term educational goal is to complete my atelier training at the ARA in Boston, display my work in galleries, make a sustainable career as an artist and, finally, pass on my knowledge of art by working and teaching other upcoming artists.  If I were to receive this art scholarship, it would alleviate financial strain for the upcoming school year for me.  Thank you for this consideration.  




I was first introduced to drawing at twelve years old by my grandmother. When I started, it was a typical once a week art lesson. The classes kept getting a little bit longer because I loved it so much. Before long it turned into an all-day art lesson. Soon I was going off on his own to study art, whether it was from books, the internet, or just drawing from life on my own. Since I took my first art class, I was hooked.



After turning thirteen, I was drawing nearly every day for hours at a time. I spent most of my free time working on art, whether it was painting or drawing. By eighth grade, I was taking credit-free art courses at Manchester Community College, as well as a few watercolor classes. In addition to that, I received a full scholarship to Hartford Art School for portrait and figure drawing classes. Some of my additional experiences in art include taking a colored pencil drawing class with Alexandra Walters (when I was 14). 



I started taking classical art lessons from Sandra Wakeen in 2014 doing Atelier style training for about a year and a half. With Sandra, I worked on cast, figure, portrait, master copies, bargue, and landscape drawing and painting. Sandra Wakeen had introduced me to atelier style training which has allowed me to grow exponentially as an artist.



At 17 years old in 2015, I received a full one year scholarship to The Academy of Realist Art in Boston, allowing me to further pursue my passion and drive for fine art. The quality of the instructors and rigorous program that is implemented at the ARA has contributed significantly to my growth as an artist. I am currently finishing my second year of the 4 year program.




Education: James Madison High School (Homeschooled), Academy of Realist ArtArt Schools Attended: Saturday experience at Hartford Art School, Connecticut Art School (weekly art classes), Wakeen Fine Art Studios (weekly art classes since October 2013.Accomplishments:  First solo art show (September 2012), invited to join the Tobacco Valley Artist Association with a personal invitation (youngest member), selected for a scholarship by Joye Moon for the Hartford Art School Saturday program, participated in other art exhibits as part of a group (Napkin Art Show, group exhibit with Alexandra Walters, group atelier opening at Wakeen Fine Art Studios, Connecticut Art School yearly exhibit.) Recipient of the full one year scholarship to The Academy of Realist Art ( September 2015). Awarded Outstanding Acrylic in the December 2015 BoldBrush Painting Competition.  Finalist in the 2017 Richeson75 art competition