Jennifer Marie Keller

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Jennifer Marie Keller

Aged 27

The Ravenswood Atelier

Instructor(s): Mathew Almy, Magdalena Almy

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  • Artworks


Oil on Linen

91.44 x 106.68 cms (36 x 42 ins)

Brian Kneeling

Oil on Linen

91.44 x 60.96 cms (36 x 24 ins)

Dylan Back

Oil on Linen

91.44 x 55.88 cms (36 x 22 ins)


Oil on Linen

91.44 x 50.8 cms (36 x 20 ins)

Brian with Pole

Charcoal and white chalk on Firenze Paper

81.28 x 48.26 cms (32 x 19 ins)


charcoal on Firenze Paper

71.12 x 45.72 cms (28 x 18 ins)


Charcoal on Firenze Paper

50.8 x 35.56 cms (20 x 14 ins)

Master Copy after Pavel Tchistiakov

Charcoal and white chalk on Firenze Paper

63.5 x 48.26 cms (25 x 19 ins)

My passions are painting and drawing: they are what I have dedicated my life to. I want to have a long career of producing impactful paintings that are always pushing to be better.   

My long-term educational goal is fully committing myself to my studies at the atelier. Outside of school, I do master copies of paintings and drawings, plein air painting, studying composition, and practicing my own compositions. 

My career goals are to make paintings that have a strong narrative element dealing with hope and ambition. I am actively seeking out places to exhibit my work and in the future I want to exhibit in galleries. A strong community within the arts is very important, and so I plan to be involved with the representational associations like ARC, Portrait Society, and Plein Air Painters of America.  

Finally, I plan to have my own students someday so I can continue the tradition of passing down painting knowledge. I have been invited to student teach at my atelier and the experience has been so rewarding. It is also important to me to bring awareness to the atelier style of art education, and so I have created a blog called Jennifer Marie Atelier Diary. 


What sets me apart from the other applicants is my ambition. Painting and drawing supplies, on top of tuition is becoming a hard weight to carry. Being granted this scholarship would relieve some of the burden of tuition, and let me keep working.


2013-       Ravenswood Atelier                                                                                                    Chicago, IL

2012-11   Studio Assistant to portrait painter Leslie Adams                        Toledo, OH

2011        American Institute for Foreign Study         (Art History)                         Rome, Italy

2012-08   Bowling Green State University     Bachelors of Fine Arts          Bowling Green, OH



2012       Solo Show Near Light- 1832 Studio and Gallery



2016       Art Dart (Charity Event)- Green House Room, Chicago IL

2016       Cabaret- The Flat Iron, Chicago IL

2016       Creative World Trade Show- with Nitram Charcoal, Frankford Germany

2013       The Small Series- Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL

2013       Art Everywhere- Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL

2013       The Next Wave- The Next Wave, Elgin IL

2012       Tiny- Gallery 924, Indianapolis

2012       Encounter- Bozarts Gallery, Toledo

2012       Contemporary Realism Biennial- Fort Wayne Museum of Art

2012       Gallery 333, Toledo

2012       BGSU Senior Show- Willard Wankelman Gallery

2011       Figuratively Speaking- BGSU Student Union Gallery

2011       BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery 

2010       Presidential Suite in BGSU Student Union

2010       BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery

2009       BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery 



2011        Palmar Travel Scholarship

2011        Athena Society Scholarship

2011        Junior Artist Talent Scholarship

2010        1st Place Drawing in Undergraduate Gallery

2010        2nd Place Painting in Undergraduate Gallery

2010        Sophomore Artist Talent Scholarship 

2009        Honorable Mention in Drawing in Undergraduate Gallery

2009        Freshman Artist Talent Scholarship


Memberships and Publication:

2017        Featured in Guests of Gotham online magazine
2016        Guest blog post on The Art School Database The Ravenswood Atelier Experience


2016        Featured in Nitram Charcoal’s Ad in Drawing Magazine

2016       Commercial- Around the World with Nitram Charcoal

2012       Article in’s: A 365-Day Tribute to Artists and the Creative Mind