Ayuesh Kumar Agarwal

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Ayuesh Kumar Agarwal

Aged 25

Barcelona Academy of Art

Instructor(s): Jordi Diaz Alama, Gerard Castellvi, Joseph Altwer, Dorian Iten

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  • Artworks


Charcoal and White Chalk on Roma Paper

83 x 43 cms (32 1/2 x 16 3/4 ins)

Santi Bernardi

Charcoal and White Chalk on Roma Paper

83 x 44 cms (32 1/2 x 17 1/4 ins)


Charcoal and White Chalk on Arches

137.16 x 129.54 cms (54 x 51 ins)


Charcoal and White Chalk on Arches

74 x 36 cms (29 x 14 ins)


Charcoal and White Chalk on Canson

45 x 40 cms (17 1/2 x 15 1/2 ins)

Julie and Sky

Charcoal on Strathmore Paper

71 x 56 cms (27 3/4 x 22 ins)

St. Jerome Cast Drawing

Graphite on Paper

45 x 30 cms (17 1/2 x 11 3/4 ins)

I began my studies in Animation with a focus on video games, but since, I've slowly found my true calling - Figurative Art. My time at the Florence Academy of Art and Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art have given me an appreciation for this craft and a direction in life.

One of these is one that I hadn't expected. I've realized that I enjoy helping others as much as I enjoy creating my work. I've charted a course for the upcoming years and, weather permitting, I intend to finish the Painting Program at Barcelona Academy and gain Residency so that I may produce my own series of Realistic work. And hopefully, one day achieve a certain sense of quality that we see in the paintings of great masters like Waterhouse, Rembrandt, Bouguereau.

While doing this, I wish to spread the knowledge I'm learning. I sincerely want to be able to help others be the best they can be. There is, in my eyes, no greater pursuit. As such, I've been making a library of notes and exercises to tackle different difficulties as I have faced, when learning the academic fundamentals.

This scholarship will not only help me achieve my dreams but also allow me to barely survive on my journey financially. And with hard work, I believe anything is possible.

I sincerely hope my application conveys the passion I have for my vocation and If given the opportunity, I will give everything I have.

Thank you for your consideration.




 www.instagram.com/ayueshart ♦ ayuesh.k.agarwal@gmail.com


Born in India, My work focuses on the human figure and nature. Coming from a digital background of Animation and Videogames, my worldly view was expanded through my time at The Florence Academy of Art, and across the world at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts and now at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

In my work, I'm seeking for a breathing sense of light, excellence in craftsmanship, an eternal beauty that we see in nature, and subtle narratives.


Barcelona Academy of Art  Barcelona, Spain                                     2016 -Present

  Advanced Drawing and Painting Program

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art California, USA

 Drawing Foundation for Entertainment Design                                      2015-2016

Florence Academy of Art Molndal, Sweden 

 Intensive Drawing Program                                                               2013-2014

Centennial College Distance Education Hyderabad, India            

 Digital Animation                                                                              2009-2011


Teaching Assistant Scholarship, Ecorché/Anatomy

 Barcelona Academy of ArtBarcelona                                                    Present

Studio Assistant Scholarship

 Barcelona Academy of ArtBarcelona                                                    Present­­                                                       


Bluegiant Interactive Technologies Hyderabad, India

 Assistant Game Designer/ UI Artist                                               2011-2012

            Project  : "Tryst" ­released on Steam


2017     Barcelona Academy of Art Teachers and Resident Students Exhibition.  Galeria El Claustre. Figures, Spain


2017    "Marcella", Pre-selected for Figurativas Competition. Barcelona, Spain