Savannah Tate Cuff

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Savannah Tate Cuff

Aged 24

Grand Central Atelier

Instructor(s): Jacob Collins, Colleen Barry, Will St. John, Edward Minoff, Patrick Byrnes

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  • Artworks

Self Portrait

charcoal and graphite on toned paper

40.64 x 27.94 cms (16 x 11 ins)

Self Portrait

oil on linen

40.64 x 30.48 cms (16 x 12 ins)

Space Memory

oil on linen

43.18 x 38.1 cms (17 x 15 ins)


graphite on toned paper

50.8 x 40.64 cms (20 x 16 ins)


oil on linen

45.72 x 30.48 cms (18 x 12 ins)


graphite and charcoal on toned paper

60.96 x 45.72 cms (24 x 18 ins)


oil on linen

45.72 x 40.64 cms (18 x 16 ins)

Savannah Tate Cuff
ARC Scholarship 2017
My name is Savannah Tate Cuff and I have just completed my third year at Grand Central Atelier. Before attending GCA, I spent 3 years at Angel Academy in Florence and graduated in Spring 2014. I am fortunate that my training and education began at Angel Academy due to the exceptional teachers and the specific process that is taught there. After completing the program at Angel Academy, I wanted to strengthen my technical abilities and chose GCA because of the teachers and to be exposed to an additional method of drawing and painting realism. Painting and drawing are skills that can take a lifetime to develop.
Education and training alone will not turn me into a proficient artist. I learned from observing my teachers that countless hours of dedicated painting and drawing are essential if I am to become a master craftsman. I do not approach school or art as a 9-5 endeavor. The more time I put in, the better I will become, and the more prepared I am for my career as an artist. Because of my love for drawing, I take evening classes and paint at home every chance I get. The award money from the 2015 ARC scholarship provided me with the opportunity to take evening classes with Colleen Barry, Patrick Byrnes, and Will St. John, who are some of my favorite artists. I love being an art student and this passion drives me to work as hard as I can. On a typical day, I arrive at GCA at 8:30 AM and leave at 9:00 PM. I am incredibly fortunate to have studied at Angel Academy and now at GCA for the past three years.
My long term goal is to own an art studio, sell work in galleries, and teach workshops. Specifically, I will paint realistic portraits and nudes. I have confidence that if I continue to work hard and take advantage of the education offered at GCA I can become the quality of artist I aspire to be. Scholarship awards, and the support and hard work of others, including my teachers, parents, and countless others enable me to be an art student and continue the creation of realistic paintings and drawings. Thank you for your consideration.

 Grand Central Atelier


New York City. Fall 2014- Present


Angel Academy of Art


Florence, Italy. Fall 2011-Spring 2014


Grand Central Atelier


Hudson River Fellowship


Jackson, NH. Summer 2013, 2015


Angel Academy of Art


Artistic Anatomy with Inga Loyev


Florence, Italy. Fall 2011-Spring 2013


Angel Academy of Art


Sculpting the Ecorche with Jason Arkles


Florence, Italy. Spring 2014




Solo Exhibition


Rottinghaus Gallery


Cincinnati, OH. Winter 2016


Grand Central Atelier


11th Street Arts Ai Fiori Exhibition


Long Island City, NY. Winter 2015


Palazzo Tornabuoni


Florence, Italy. Fall 2013




Angel Academy of Art


Instructor of Grisaille Figure Painting. Spring 2014-present


Student Instructor for Bargue Copies. Fall 2013-Spring 2014




First Place GCA Figure Drawing Competition 2016