Art about life, not about art

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Art about life, not about art


Published on before 2005


Oh yeah! A great work of art is one thing and, like I mentioned earlier, "cool design" is quite another! In the Art News article on the movement to figurative and representational work by abstract painters, some of the statements by these artists were:

Stephanie Pryor: "I've come out! It's like having a heterosexual relationship if you're gay. And if it doesn't feel right, why keep doing it?" (referring of course to her earlier abstract work)

Francesca Gabbiani: "When I feel I have reached a dead end in my work, I need to move in another direction. It seemed like my brain was so fast in coming up with ideas, and I was spending so much time trying to abstract them and realize them, it really didn't make sense after awhile."

Now these artist are not classical masters by any stretch of the imagination. It is interesting that they are making the switch to more realistic work because they had reached a dead end with abstraction.

I wonder why it took so long?