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October 2017

IX 10

Published October 18, 2017

IX is the first, ground-breaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to imaginative realism. The show brings artists, students, collectors, and art fans together for an annual gathering intended to inspire and create further awareness and zeal for imaginative realism and all that’s encompassed in the realm of the fantastic.

The show runs from October 18 - 22, 2017 at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, 201 Washington St, Reading, PA 19601.

For more information, please visit

New ARC Associate Living Master

Published October 17, 2017

ARC is pleased to welcome Alex Callaway as an Associate Living MasterTM.
Describing his work as 'observational realism' Alex paints directly from life in natural light and his still lifes are intended to be as much an immersive, contemplative experience as they are a celebration and appreciation of our world. His paintings attempt to examine the character and physical presence of natural phenomena, and celebrate the beauty found within the sublime and transitory nature of life. 
To view his gallery on ARC, please click here

Hsin-Yao Tseng and George Bodine Two Man Show

Published October 17, 2017

An exhibition of new paintings by ARC Living Master Hsin-Yao Tseng and George Bodine will be taking place at the Waterhouse Gallery from October 14 - 31, 2017.
The Waterhouse Gallery is located on La Arcada Courtyard, 1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
To learn more about the show, please visit

New ARC Associate Living Master

Published October 13, 2017

ARC is pleased to welcome Josh Tiessen as a new Associate Living MasterTM.
Josh Tiessen is a young international award-winning artist from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Considered one of the world's top 10 prodigy artists (Huffington Post) and the only known male art prodigy in North America (Dr. J. Ruthsatz, global child prodigy expert). Tiessen was juried in as the youngest member of International Guild of Realism (IGOR) ranked among foremost realist artists from around the world, Artists for Conservation (AFC) and Society of Animal Artists (SAA) elite groups of the top nature and wildlife artists worldwide. 
Josh recently won first place for his painting "Occidental Babylon" in the "Search for the Next Great Artist" competition, hosted by Jonathan LeVine Projects. He was selected out of over 2000 artists worldwide and will be having a solo exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Projects New Jersey gallery in the fall of 2019.
To see Josh's gallery on ARC please click here

The Da Vinci Initiative Fall Workshop Kick-Off

Published October 13, 2017

The Da Vinci Initiative fall teaching season has begun, and they will be visiting a number of state conferences and hosting workshops. The Da Vinci Initiative sends ambassadors with atelier training to art education conferences all over the country to share their skills and knowledge with art teachers.
To view a list of the upcoming conferences, please click here.

ARC Select at Rehs Contemporary, NYC

Published October 12, 2017

Rehs Contemporary is pleased to present ARC Select 2017: Contemporary Figures, an exhibition focusing on the stylistic variations of representing the human form in contemporary art. More than 25 paintings and drawings in all will be on display by a group that includes: Emanuele Dascanio, Daniel Gerhartz, Vanessa Lemen, Sergio Lopez, Tim Rees, and Marc Scheff.
The exhibition opens on Saturday, October 28th from 2-8 PM at Rehs Contemporary Galleries, 5 East 57th Street 8th Floor, and will remain on view through November 17th, 2017. 
For more information, please visit

13th International ARC Salon Portraiture Category Sponsored by Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier

Published October 12, 2017

Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier (BACCA), is in the San Francisco Bay Area City of San Carlos. They offer weekly Art Classes, Workshops, Intensive Summer Programs, Open Model Sessions for artists of all abilities who desire to study drawing and painting in the tradition of Classical Realism of the old masters. The atelier is located 30 minutes south of San Francisco in mid peninsula's beautiful town of San Carlos CA, County of San Mateo. The New BACAA studio has 50 ft. wide north facing window and 20 ft. high ceiling, which provide the ideal environment for classical study. Please visit the About Us page for local accommodations and affordable housing and our BACAA (Bay Area Classical Artist) page on Facebook. Linda Dulaney, Founder of BACAA, is a lifelong artist who manifested her desire to bring a school to life in the San Francisco Bay Area, based on the ateliers of the Renaissance and old masters. Starting in the mid 1990s, Linda developed a clear understanding of the style and type of instruction she wanted in an atelier. Linda's most influential teachers were Tony Ryder, Ted Seth Jacobs and Michael Grimaldi. She currently teaches the ongoing daytime classes at BACAA and at Stanford University. BACCA also holds regular workshops by a long list of prestigious and world-renowned guest instructors. Please visit the BACCA website for additional information and to register.

Richard Whitney News

Published October 11, 2017

Congratulations to ARC Living Master Richard Whitney for receiving the Lotte Jacobi Living Treasure Award.  This award goes out to New Hampshire artists in any discipline that have made a significant contribution to the arts, reflecting a lifetime of achievement.  
The award ceremony will take place at the New Hampshire Institute of Art located on 148 Concord Street, Manchester, NH 03104-4858 Manchester on Wednesday, November 1, 5pm - 7:30 pm.
To purchase tickets visit :

Vicki Sullivan News

Published October 10, 2017

Congratulations to ARC Associate Living Master Vicki Sullivan for the selection of her drawing "Kinima" which will be published in the upcoming book "Strokes of Genius 10".

She has also won second place in the Jackson's Mussini oil painting competition in London, Uk for her painting "Fleeting Lily".

New ARC Associate Living Master

Published October 10, 2017

ARC is pleased to welcome Lee Alban as an ARC Associate Living MasterTM.

Lee's career is characterized by an interest and ability to realistically represent a variety of subject matter and is marked by an evolution of styles from Old Master chiaroscuro to contemporary trompe l'oeil, landscape, and portraiture. A review of his work has prompted the artist to remark that, "I did not know where I was going until I arrived, and I don’t know how long I am going to stay here before moving on."

To see his gallery on ARC, please click here

American Masters 2017

Published October 6, 2017

The Salmagundi Club is holding its 9th annual American Masters Fine Art Exhibition & Sale taking place in its elegant brownstone mansion in historic Greenwich Village. Forty-eight of North America’s foremost representational artists are participating in this year’s event. The exhibition includes more than 100 works of art, including paintings and works on paper. Subject matter includes landscape, still life, figurative work, portraits, and maritime. This extraordinary collection of artwork will be open to the public from September 29 through October 27, 2017. Works will be available for purchase during the Gala & Sale on October 13 from 6-8 pm.

The Salmagundi club is located on 47 5th Avenue, New York NY 10003.

To learn more about this event, please visit

Garin Baker "28 Blocks" Public Mural

Published October 5, 2017

ARC Associate Living MasterTM Garin Baker has recently completed a large-scale mural entitled "28 Blocks" on the Penn Center Building, measuring 65 ft. x 160 ft. This important public work tells the compelling story of the men and women who built the Lincoln Memorial Statue. The mural has been widely covered by several news networks and is the subject of a documentary to be released later this year.

To view a video of this project, please click here

Click here to watch the NBC news report and here to watch the WAMU news coverage of the mural.

New ARC Salon Award - The TIAC Art Prize

Published October 5, 2017

The International Arts and Culture Group (TIAC), is an ARC Allied Organization based in Florence, Italy, with branches in China & Australia. This non-profit organization believes that craftsmanship can be taught, and that refined craftsmanship is often critical in the powerful expression of ideas and emotions unique to the individual and the context in which they live. They want to encourage artists who have sound knowledge of traditional oil painting and sculpting to create artwork that is both meaningful for them personally as well as for their contemporary audience. This prize will consist of two $1,000 awards, one for painting and one for sculpture, and will be awarded to artists who have demonstrated talent and achievement in traditional oil painting and sculpture, study the works of old masters, apply traditional techniques and involve modern life. 

This award will be judged by a leading member(s) of the TIAC Group.


Drawing Category in 13th ARC Salon Sponsored by Studio Incamminati

Published October 2, 2017

For more than a decade, Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art, has been a leader in the growing contemporary realist art movement. Founded by the late Nelson Shanks and his wife Leona, it is now recognized nationally and internationally for its rigorous curriculum, accomplished instructors and diverse outreach efforts. An ARC-Approved Atelier, the school is modeled on the traditional Italian academia and French atelier and committed to the belief that mastery of technique is essential to creative expression. Its innovative curriculum fuses classical traditions of the Renaissance era masters, luminous color of the Impressionists and a fresh, contemporary sensibility. Its goal is to offer an affordable education that produces highly skilled artists who call upon their training and abilities to create art with depth of purpose and to give back to their community. Its artists, faculty and alumni have been featured at prominent venues such as the National Arts Club and Philadelphia's Comcast Center. And, the school has received media coverage ranging from art-community thought leaders such as International Artist magazine and Fine Art Collector to mainstream media including the New York Times, CNN and NPR.

Even the school's name is filled with symbolism. In Italian, "Incamminati" means "moving forward" and invokes the innovative spirit of its namesake studio founded by the Renaissance artist, Annibale Carracci. Studio Incamminati, one of the few schools of its type accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, fulfills its vision in a number of ways. In addition to its core Advanced Fine Art Program, the school offers workshops open to the general public both in Philadelphia and with the In Your Town programs nationwide. Other programs serve school-age artists and art educators. The Integrated Art Studio major, offers the opportunity to earn a liberal-arts degree at Chestnut Hill College while taking studio classes at Studio Incamminati.

New ARC Allied Organization

Published October 2, 2017

The International Arts & Culture Group (TIAC) is a community of professionals devoted to the arts. TIAC champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural programs that create and enrich artistic careers and educational opportunities.

TIAC is a group of people from of a variety of nationalities and cultures, from all artistic disciplines. Together, they are making a difference to the lives of those making the brave choice of following their passion and dedicating their career to the Arts.

The TIAC team is spread across the globe, with key teams in China and Italy. TIAC also works with other groups from Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States.

Visit to learn more.

To visit us on facebook, click

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