Thank you to Laguna College of Art and Design

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Thank you to Laguna College of Art and Design

Published on June 12, 2019

Thank you to Laguna College of Art and Design for sponsoring the Imaginative Category in the 14th International ARC Salon Competition.

Laguna College of Art and Design's Fine Arts department offers students a carefully crafted curriculum offering an efficient learning experience in representational drawing, painting and sculpture. LCAD is one of only a few fully accredited institutions committed to developing highly skilled representational figurative artists. Their alumni have gained acceptance into competitive graduate programs, excelled in the gallery market, gained private and public commissions, work in museum and curatorial art fields and art education. 

Their program’s philosophy is grounded in classical traditions which is an integral part of what makes their department unique and is the driving force behind their student’s success. Their curriculum is designed to give students the necessary skills to accurately portray still life, figure, portrait, landscape, multi-figure composition and to address concepts and ideas of contemporary, narrative storytelling. In addition to mastering techniques, the business of art is integrated into the curriculum. Students are introduced to professional practices, marketing and presentation to prepare them for the challenges of a demanding and competitive art world.

The LCAD Drawing and Painting major offers BFA programs in Drawing and Painting, Drawing and Painting with an Emphasis in Sculpture and a Drawing and Painting Certification.  

If you are interested in sponsoring a category in the ARC Salon, please contact