Rediscovering George Elgar Hicks

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Rediscovering George Elgar Hicks

February 24, 2015

Kara Lysandra Ross, ARC Chief Operating Officer, has written “Rediscovering Victorian Painter George Elgar Hicks”, a new article published in The Epoch Times.

A Cloud With a Silver Lining
by George Elgar Hicks
"In the 1870s with the decline of interest in bustling contemporary genre paintings illustrating scenes of Victorian life, Hicks moved on to portraiture commissions and a different type of genre painting, many of which are beautifully esthetic psychological studies of individuals or small groups. Although he has been most noted for his historic crowd scenes, it is most likely his later scenes of beauty and childhood that will become increasingly appreciated, as these are the ones that more closely resemble the works of his most sought after contemporaries."

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