Juliette Aristides Lecture June 12th

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Juliette Aristides Lecture June 12th

June 6, 2014

ARC Living Master™ Juliette Aristides is "a painter who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art." What does that mean in terms of the way she approaches her work, and the decisions she makes as to what to paint and how? Juliette discusses how her art has evolved over time, and how she feels about being a 'traditional' realist in an era when such art is often ignored or marginalized in the mainstream art world. Included is a discussion of the core values she thinks are most important to convey to her students.

Gage Academy 1501 10th Ave. East, #101
Seattle, WA 98102Geo Studio/3rd Floor

The Arrangement by Juliette Aristides
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