ARC Salon Reported in Epoch Times

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ARC Salon Reported in <i>Epoch Times</i>

December 26, 2013

Two Lovers by Nick Alm
First Place Figurative 2012/2013 Salon
The upcoming ARC Salon Competition is already making it's way into newspapers.

To read the article, click here.
"After a hundred years of suppression, traditional realism in the fine arts is returning in full force," said ARC founder Fred Ross, explaining the importance of such a competition. "Contemporary realism is the true inheritor of the 600 years of advancement in the fine arts before it took a disastrous turn down the blind alley of modernism and post-modernism. We believe that realism is the only form of fine art which is equivalent to a universal language that cuts across all forms of the spoken and written word, and which is capable of communicating and expressing the widest range of ideas, concepts, beliefs, values, and mankind's hopes dreams, fantasies, fears, loves and joys, as well as chronicling in this universal language what it means to be human now and throughout history."