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New ARC Living Artist™ Victoria Radionova

November 18, 2013

Victoria Radionova's first and main teacher was her father, who was an architect-designer.

From the cradle she was surrounded by reproductions of paintings by great masters from the past.
A Little Shepherdess and a Fisherman
By Victoria Radinova
When she was 14, Victoria began serious preparations to enter art school and focused on the method of study that existed at Tsar's Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg during the 19th century. In this system, the focus was on perfection in drawing, composition and colour. After graduating from secondary school, she entered the Kharkiv State Academy of Arts and Design and studied interior design for a year. Then, Victoria was successfully trained at the College of Art in Simferopol (Crimea, Ukraine). After college, she entered the painting department at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts where she studied for another year. For the next 17 years under the guidance of her father, Victoria was taught to draw and paint from a program modeled after one that existed at Tsar's Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg.

Her paintings are available in the collections in the United States, Spain, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Also, her paintings are on view in the Ukrainian Orthodox churches in different cities in Ukraine.

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