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The Epoch Times is Looking for Writers

June 28, 2013

Choose a painting, sculpture, vase, drawing, etc., from the past, and in one 500-700 word article, discuss its history, cultural context, style, and creation in a manner that is inviting and educational to the general reader. This is open to experts in all fields of traditional art, American, European, Asian, African, Oceanic, and in all mediums.

The goal is to diversify readers' artistic appreciation and give them more pathways to explore art created before 1900.

  • The author may occasionally (once a month or once every other month) submit roughly 500-700 words about a work of art.
  • The work of art will be of the writer's choosing with editor's approval.
  • The author will have their work published in the Epoch Times' New York City print edition (distributed weekly, soon to be daily) and online at
  • There is no monetary compensation but is a great opportunity to share one's expertise and establish credibility among a general audience.
  • If you are a dealer of art, artworks for sale cannot be promoted directly. However, the author's biography will be included at the end of the article. The expert's personal or professional website or email can be included so that readers may contact the author.
  • The first step is to submit a photograph of the artwork in question via the following form: or email it to
  • If the idea is approved, you will be notified to begin writing and given another link where you will submit your article. If there are any questions, you will be contacted directly.
  • There is no guarantee that all writing submissions will be accepted.

A Writer Trimming his Pen
by Jan Ekels II