5th International 2008-09 ARC Salon® Competition Catalogues Available for Preorder

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5th International 2008-09 ARC Salon® Competition Catalogues Available for Preorder

April 13, 2009

ARC Salon Catalogues, with their beautiful color reproductions of the ARC International Salon Winners, are eagerly awaited for each year and treasured as collections of today's masters.

The 5th Annual ARC Salon was once again a demonstration of the will of artists dedicated to representational work. Art Renewal Center® is at the helm of the effort to provide necessary training for dedicated artists, no longer willing to study only theories and "styles" beloved of the modern art establishment.
There were so many deserving entries which one could simply not ignore that an extra listing of semi-finalists was created to list their names in appreciation of their skill.
ARC Salon Catalog
Cover Design in Progress
5th ARC Salon Catalogue
In this year's catalogue, ARC Chairman, Fred Ross' speech to the American Society of Portrait Painters delivered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be included in its entirety:
"Mr Ross was interrupted at least 10 times to thunderous applause or peals of laughter, as he blasted Modernism and its chief icons, Picasso, Mattisse and DeKooning, with some of the most biting, yet truthful satire that has ever been heard in those sanctified halls."
Click here to read this speech which has been read by over 100,000 people each year and has become required reading in countless art courses around the world.

  • This beautiful Catalogue measures 8.5 x 11 inches

  • With over 85 pages and perfect bound

  • More than 200 images of award winning work

  • Complete exhibitors listing

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