Summer Intake Intensive Foundation Course in Painting and Drawing

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Summer Intake Intensive Foundation Course in Painting and Drawing

Published on February 24, 2023

Florence Classical Arts Academy - April 11 – September 29,  2023

This course is designed for people who would like to receive the foundation training in Visual Arts and is held in Florence and optional in two other locations in Italy. The summer period in which the course is held allows spending class hours practicing outdoor painting and drawing along with many studio hours dedicated to working with the models, anatomy and various studio subjects such as constructive drawing, introduction to color science, and many others. 

This course provides the students with highly individual and customized training in small student groups. FCAA’s professors are top-notch experts who will meet you on your level of preparation and your artistic background. The sequence of learning unfolds from drawing and painting basic figures, then still-life then casts and finally leading to portraiture.  This program enables a student to gain the necessary applied knowledge in order to begin building their portfolio.

Subjects include:
Constructive drawing 
Plein-air painting
Portraiture (painting and drawing)
Sketches in various materials
Museum copy practice

For the full information about the tuition fees, deadlines, and policies please follow the link: