The Methods and Techniques of Bouguereau

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The Methods and Techniques of Bouguereau

Published on May 26, 2022

Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art Instructors Ewan McNaughton and Lea Vaughn are delighted to present their own personal experimentation and historical research into the methods of their favorite painter, William Adolphe Bouguereau.

Bouguereau was undoubtedly the champion of representational art during his lifetime. Whether it be his classically inspired nymphs and cherubs, or his peasant girl portraits, artists to this day are mesmerized by his true mastery of rendering skin, giving the illusion of truly luminous flesh in his paintings.

Over six days, students will be given short lectures and demonstrations, followed by the chance to put these methods to the test for themselves, working from a print. Many of Bouguereau’s paintings are very large so you will be painting a section from a larger painting at the same size it was originally painted. All prints will be portraits, so emphasis is given to achieving luminous flesh colors.

Stages of painting explained and demonstrated include the “ground color”, “bistre layer”, “ebauche”, “over painting” and final “glazes”.

All current Covid prevention methods will be in place.

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