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Miano Academy of Art

Published on February 14, 2022

The Southern Atelier will now be known as Miano Academy of Art.

Since founding his workshop, Charles Miano has been a tireless advocate for Realist art founded in classical traditions of natural beauty. Now with global reach, Miano Academy of Art embodies his original mission to preserve and continue atelier training for future generations.

Miano Academy of Art encompasses three main areas of education, each based in the needs of artists seeking effective art training in different stages of development:

  • Atelier Apprenticeship - a rigorous, full-time, project/practice-based one-on-one study with Charles covering principles of drawing and painting in the classic tradition.
  • Miano Method Online - a focused, systematic step-by-step training, using a virtual platform which will reach over 50 countries by 2025.
  • Master Workshops - in-person intensive week-long workshops with master teachers from around the world which emphasize the importance of continued skill development for both established as well as and beginning artists.

Miano Academy of Art welcomes artists from both near and far to benefit from academic style training both in-person and online.

To learn more about Miano Academy of Art, please visit https://mianoacademy.org/