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Chiaroscuro Atelier

The Florida Academy of Contemporary Realism

5961 NW 102nd Av., Miami, United States

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Chiaroscuro offers top level instruction in realistic painting and drawing. Our curriculum is based on the teaching method used by the famous classical-realist 19th century academies. We believe in the solid artistic basis this kind of training gives to the students, allowing them to achieve high standards of craftsmanship and technical skills. Our teaching methods and techniques provide the tools that students can use to create their own contemporary work and develop a personal artistic language.

By teaching traditional, time-tested methods, we provide the students with the opportunity to learn the craft and perfect the skills they need to build a high standard professional career in representational, figurative and realist art.

Our goal is to bring to Florida the same high level of instruction and training method our instructors received in Florence-Italy for many years, as well as to create a large and strong community of contemporary realist artists in the area.


The Chiaroscuro Atelier program is based on the atelier method, a step by step systematic progression through the curriculum. As each task and requisite skill is acquired, a new more difficult task is assigned. The rate at which students progress through the Drawing and Painting Program varies by individual, and normally requires a minimum of two and a half to three years to complete.

The fact that our academy is based on the atelier system represents a great advantage to the beginner students, as they are sharing the studio space with more advanced students. This gives them the opportunity to see the future projects they will work on, listen to other's critiques, receive advice from advanced students, etc.

Our curriculum is divided in three major programs:

  • Intensive drawing program
  • Intermediate program
  • Advanced painting program

Full-Time Program:
The Atelier students have full access to the studio 6 days per week. Instruction is provided Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Saturday students can come to the studio to work on their projects or to draw the model with half and part-time students.

Half-Time Program
Subject to availability of places, Chiaroscuro Atelier provides the opportunity for students to study on a half-time basis (12 tutored hours per week). It is possible to study half days, or 2 full days a week. Our academy is based on the Atelier System, which means that students of any level can study and learn with the full time students.

Part-Time Students
Chiaroscuro Studio of Art recognizes that it is not always possible for students to enroll in our Full or Half-Time programs. Students can take classes one day a week, 3 hours a day. They can work on personal projects, still lives, portraits, Old Masters copies, or any other project. Part-time students can also work on some of the exercises from the full-time program curriculum.


Milixa Morón
Milixa completed workshops at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto before finishing her studies at the Angel Academy of Art in 2009, in Florence-Italy. Then she remained in Florence for some years, Becoming part of the "ArtSpace Florence" and following classes at "La Scuola Libera del Nudo" at Belli Arti Academy. As a realist painter, Morón is devoted to the resurgence and preservation of representational painting. Inspired by a diverse and large number of sources, Morón seeks to synthesize mythology, culture, universal ideas and beliefs with her subject's personal stories and psychology.

Elkin Canas
Elkin's motivation as a painter is capturing light, its universal and timeless influence on life, art, and culture. Communicating observations of nature and using the time-tested methods of the Old Masters are the key to Elkin's visual language as an artist. Looking for a deeper understanding of those methods, Elkin moved to Florence, Italy, becoming part of an artist community called Florence ArtSpace, where he learned first-hand from great painters such as Angel Ramiro Sanchez and Hunter Eddy, director and co-director of the advanced painting program of the Florence Academy of Art.

Carlos Martinez León
Carlos studied at The Florence Academy of Art from 2007 to 2010, where he mastered his drawing and painting techniques. In his final year of study, he worked as an assistant professor of drawing to Simona Dolci, Director of Intensive Drawing. Immediately after his graduation, he remained in Florence where he continued his training in painting under the direction of Angel Ramiro Sánchez.

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Founded 2013
Course languages English,Spanish
Full-Time Instructors 3
Accommodation No

Part time: USD 1500 / month

Full time: USD 2500 / month

Chiaroscuro Atelier

5961 NW 102nd Av.

Miami, United States

There's No Way Out by Instructor Milixa Morón

Ipazia - Studying Perfection by Instructor Milixa Morón

The Scream by Instructor Carlos Martinez León

Valentina by Instructor Elkin Canas

Asian Tangerines by Instructor Milixa Morón

Ella by Instructor Carlos Martinez León

The Feng Shui Girl by Instructor Elkin Canas

Tea Ceremony by Instructor Milixa Morón

by Instructor Elkin Canas

Cast Painting

Portrait of my Father by Instructor Elkin Canas

Cast Drawing by Mia Crown