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Academy of Realist Art Boston

112 South Street, Fourth Floor, Boston, United States

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The Academy of Realist Art (ARA) Boston was established in 2008 by Cindy MacMillan, a graduate of Michael John Angel Studios (MJAS) now ARA. After completing the rigorous program in Toronto and Florence, Cindy went on to earn a masters degree from the New York Academy of Art in 2007. A recipient of scholarships from the Art Renewal Center and the New York Academy of Art, Cindy's work has won numerous awards and is collected internationally. Instructors Emanuela De Musis, Garrett Vitanza and Julie Beck are also award winning artists with a range of styles and content.

Conveniently located in the historic Leather District of Boston, (one block from South Station), ARA Boston is a private institutions that teaches drawing and painting in the old master tradition. We model our curriculum and teaching techniques on the 19th-century European academies with the aim of helping students achieve the highest caliber of skills possible. The foundations we provide can help professionals and amateurs alike achieve exceptional results well beyond their expectations.

Our highly successful, step-by-step process teaches students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, to develop realist painting skills. When completed, our four-level program, which is available on a full- or flexible part-time basis, will enable the graduate to approach the most challenging drawing and painting projects with confidence and skill, regardless of their chosen style and medium. Individual instruction is offered in a friendly, supportive and pressure-free group setting where students can learn at their own pace.

Our progressive curriculum is designed to build on achievements gained at each stage. These stages include:

  • Charles Bargue drawings in graphite
  • Charcoal cast drawings
  • Cast paintings
  • Full color still life paintings
  • Drawing from the live figure model
  • Painting from the live figure model

ARA Boston offers instruction from Monday to Friday. It also hosts a variety of one- and two-week drawing and painting workshops, where participants can develop high level skills in a range of academic styles and mediums led by ARA instructors and guest artists. ARA Boston is also a Massachusetts PDP Provider.

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Founded 2009
Course languages English
Part-Time Instructors 1
Full-Time Instructors 4
Accommodation No

Part time: USD 1750 / semester

Full time: USD 2945 / semester

Academy of Realist Art Boston

112 South Street, Fourth Floor

Boston, United States

Julie Beck

Instructor/Assistant Director

Emanuela DeMusis


Garrett Vitanza

Principal instructor

Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson


Cindy MacMillan


olio y aglio by Cindy MacMillan

Rainbow of Pears by Cindy MacMillan

Self Portrait by Garrett Vitanza

Portrait of Ernesto by Emanuela de Musis

Steam Punk by Garrett Vitanza

Self Portrait in Graphite by Emanuela de Musis

They That Sow the Wind by Instructor Julie Beck

Red Hand, Green Thumb by Instructor Julie Beck

Viviantine by Instructor Eric Johnson

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Instructor Julie Beck

Miss Rachel

Cast drawing

Cast Painting

Cast drawing

Ernesto grisaille

Figure Drawing

Master Copy

Instructor Garrett Vitanza gives a portrait workshop

ARA Boston location

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing and Painting

13 January 2018 to 17 March 2018

Figure Construct Class

112 South St, Boston, MA

515 USD

13 January 2018 to 17 March 2018

Long Pose Figure Drawing Weekend Class

112 South St, Boston, MA

515 USD

10 July 2018 to 13 July 2018

Floral Painting with Carlo Russo

112 South St, Boston, MA

595 USD

29 July 2018 to 04 August 2018

2018 ARA Boston Figure Painting Competition

112 South St, Floor 4, Boston, MA 02111

03 January 2018 to 15 March 2018

ARA Boston Scholarship Deadline

The Academy of Realist Art, Boston launched its fifth annual scholarship competition for promising artists with a love for academic style painting and drawing. The Academy is one of a select few art schools in the world that teaches the academic approach to figure drawing and painting. We model our curriculum and classical techniques on those used by 19th-century European academies to help students master fine art skills.