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Atelier of Sandra Galda in the High School

Approved K-12 Atelier



1 Peters Ln, Haverhill, MA, United States

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The Atelier in The High School at Bradford Christian Academy, was established in 2015 at Bradford Christian Academy by Sandra Galda who brought atelier training to the school’s art offerings (

Atelier in the High School at Bradford Christian Academy holds the distiction of having been the very first atelier held within a high school. Sandra Galda is a former atelier student of Paul Ingbretson, who also is an ARC approved atelier instructor at Ingbretson Studio. 

 Students are given a rigorous high school year of exercises in:

-Academic Draughtsmanship (Bargue Drawing and Relational Drawing)

-Charcoal Cast Drawing

 -Lessons in the Visual Order of the Elements of Picture Making (value, color, line, etc.)

 -Direct Oil Painting

 -Lessons in Sight Size and Comparative, Relational Drawing and Painting

 -Composition and Perspective Lessons

 Throughout the year students enjoy training in Bargue Drawing, Copy a masterwork drawing, relational drawing, Charcoal Cast Drawing, Figure Drawing, and finish with Still Life in oil, with several other useful projects included. Student work is featured in school art shows and various gallery shows.

Sandra teaches her own modified-for-high school art program based on the Boston School. The Boston School combines academic draftsmanship with the immediate paint handling of the Impressionists. The Boston School of painting is well suited for teaching during grade and high school hours. This is because without the extra step of grisaille or glazing during oil painting, more efficient student production of images can occur during the high school year.

Sandra Galda's art blog is

Founded 2015
Course languages English
Accreditation High School, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Providing college-preparatory education to students in grades 1-12 Bradford is the fastest-growing private Christian school in New England.
Instructors Sandra Galda
Part-Time Instructors 1
Students 11
Accommodation No

Bradford Christian Academy

514 Main St

Haverhill, MA, United States

Sandra Galda


Born at an early age. 

Math and Art major in high school, designer and director of theater backdrops and sets for school musicals and plays, performed on full professional stage.

B.S. in Graphic Design, State University of New York at Buffalo

Master of Liberal Arts, Concentrated in the History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University

Six years atelier study at Ingbretson Studio, under Paul Ingbretson who was a student of R.H.Ives Gammell, the recipient of the European French Ecole des Beaux Arts and Academe Julien training of Edmund Tarbell, Frank W. Benson, Joseph DeCamp, and William Paxton. 

Sandra shows and sells her own artwork when she is not busy teaching. She loves visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in nearby Boston, MA. 


Peter's Garden Lunch, by Sandra Galda, oil on linen, 2010, 16x20 inches

Beatrix's Roses, by Sandra Galda, oil on linen, 2013,12x12.5 inches

Cast Drawing, by Sandra Galda, charcoal on Canson paper, 2010, 19x26 inches

Charcoal figure sketch

figure in oil

Instructor work in process: Brazilian Black Pot and Rolls

Instructor work in process: Pink Peonies in Old Silver

wall of completed bargue exercises by my students, Pencil on Paper, 2016, 11x14 inches each drawing.

Charcoal cast drawing by Peter Lui, charcoal on Canson Paper, 2016, 19x26 inches

Charcoal cast mouth by Hanzhur, Nitram charcoal on Canson paper, fall 2015, 19x24 inches

Collage of local art show entries.

Ear, Jug, Blue Book, Oil on Canvas, April, 2017, 16 x 20 inches

Copy a Master Value Study Exercise, Pencil on Paper, October, 2017, 11x14 inches.

Grace's first ever Bargue drawing

new studio shots

Sam copy a master drawing

Casey's Bargue drawing October 2018

display door

Abbie Drawing

Abbie Painting Fall 2019

two students in a fun quick warm up value study race

Class photo

Sandra Galda

prize winning cast charcoal student art behind him

A student painting in full color oil.

A student painting her full color oil.

Group drawing exercise

April 2018

Pointing out where a sharp edge needs to be sharp

Student reaady to resume work on her painting