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Im Atzelnest 3, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany

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The Academy of Fine Art Germany is a private institute located in Bad Homburg/Germany, whose aim is to provide high quality training in Drawing and Painting as well as Sculpting from life.

Our Drawing and Painting program and our Sculpture program got accredited by the Ministry of Art and Science in Hessen. That means our graduates receive the title “state-recognized Painter” and “state-recognized Sculptor”. As both programs got accredited international students can get a Student Visa and move to Germany. Students also have the possibility to apply much easier for student loans and credits or also apply for scholarships.

Both programs have a regular study period of 3-years in full-time. Students can register for full- or part-time. The Drawing and Painting Program follows a concept that has been established at the European Painting Academies in the 19th century. From the first drawing exercises by Charles Bargue, to Cast Drawing- and Painting, Still-life and Portraiture, the difficulty of the exercises progressively increases. That way, the fundamentals can be practised and internalized before more complex topics are introduced. 

The Sculpture Program is focusing on live drawing exercises and learn to sculpt with clay. We are teaching the fundamentals and building the students’ knowledge and skills gradually up from more simple projects to complex ones.

Both Programs are working a lot figuratively. Students are doing short- and long poses. But also learn about Light theory, Artistic Anatomy, Composition, Concept Development and Art history. Furthermore, we offer an Art Business course in order to equip the students with all the tools they need to become a professional artist.

After both 3-year programs, students can decide to stay for another year and continue their studies in digital drawing. In this year they will be taught in the fundamentals of Concept Art and VFX (Visual Effects) and learn to work with the most common programs the industry uses. Their teachers are professionals from well-known companies of the movie and gaming industry. After graduating they will receive the additional title “Qualification in Concept Art/VFX”.

Our classes are generally held in English and some of our teachers also speak German and Spanish.
We are located in the beautiful little town of Bad Homburg, which has big parks and offers a high standard of living. You will find everything you need there and can spend relaxing hours in the thermal springs. If you need more action or attractions, Frankfurt am Main is only 15 minutes away. As an international city with a strong cultural atmosphere, many museums, fantastic restaurants and bars, Frankfurt is one of Germany's Hot Spots. Located in the middle of Europe, it can easily be reached from all over the world.

To find out more about us, please visit our website: or send us an mail to: 

Feel free to contact us any time. We are thrilled to help you get started with your artistic career and reach your goals! Join us and become a part of our community!

Founded 2014
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English,Spanish,German
Accreditation State-recognized Art Academy
Part-Time Instructors 1
Full-Time Instructors 5
Students 60
Accommodation Yes

Part time: EUR 4500 / year

Full time: EUR 7950 / year

Im Atzelnest 3

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen, 61352, Germany

Dana Güttler


As the director, Dana is the heart and soul of the Academy of Fine Art. At a young age, she discovered her love of art and quickly realized that realistic art necessitate structured and detailed instruction. Since at the time there was no opportunity in Germany to enrol in such a course, she took intensive classes from private tutors.

After the successful completion of her degree in business administration, she set herself the goal to make realistic art as a subject of study accessible (again) in Germany. In 2014 she was able to achieve this goal with the creation of the Academy of Fine Art. Dana utilizes her commercial expertise as well as her artistic know-how to passionately lead the Academy, representing the Academy publicly as well as forging important contacts.

Michael Weiss


Michael graduated with honors, receiving both his M.Ed. and MFA from Alanus University for Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn, Germany. Later he received an MFA from the New York Academy of Art while living and working in Brooklyn for three years. He has been awarded numerous stipends by the Federal Republic of Germany for his excelling performance in art. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe and New York in galleries, international art fairs as well as the Flag Art Foundation and the Paul Clemen Museum. His work has been featured in Hyperrealist Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, and is part of the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Collection. Before teaching at the Academy of Fine Art Germany, Michael lived and worked in Bonn as an art Instructor at Alanus University as well as the Bundeskunsthalle and the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne.

Jingsi Liu


Jingsi was born in China and lives in Germany. She received her degree in Buisness administration in Germany and worked as a financial analyst for several years. She later quit her job in favor of her high enthusiasm for art and started to learn drawing as a part-time student at the Academy of Fine Art Germany. She started the full-time drawing/painting program at the Barcelona Academy of Art in 2018 and finished her studies in 2021. She was awarded the scholarship as a teaching assistant in her third year of study in Barcelona. She is fascinated by the natural light and would dedicate her life to landscape painting.

Jingsi has been an instructor at the Academy of Fine Art Germany since September 2021

Gabrielle Trom


Midwest-raised artist Gabrielle Trom's creative journey spans watercolor training in Minnesota, sculpture studies in Barcelona, and notable achievements like winning the McDermott Miller competition. Despite pandemic challenges, she taught and competed, leaving her mark on both sides of the Atlantic. Trom's work, including "Puppeteer (Goliat)," was showcased at Museu Europeu d’Art Modern. Since April 2023 Director of the sculpting program at the Academy of Fine Art Germany

Aya Aziz


Aya is an Egyptian born Canadian living in Germany. After graduating from McGill Univeristy in Canada, she decided to shift gears and move to Italy to study painting and drawing. She attended the Angel Academy of Art in Florence and was able to graduate in one and half years. After her time at Angel, she spent 3 months studying at the Charles Cecil Studios to focus primarily on portraiture and to explore different painting techniques. Since leaving Italy, Aya has had 3 solo shows in Egypt and is currently a Drawing and Painting instructor at the Academy of Fine Art in Bad Homburg, Germany.

Nurzada Nuzzipzhanova


Nurzada Nussipzhan was born and raised in Central Asia, eventually moving to Spain to pursue art education. She graduated from Barcelona Academy of Art in 2019, where she taught before the pandemic. She portrays the natural world in her works ranging from portraits to plein air landscapes. Her work was exhibited in MEAM museum, Liceu opera theatre in Barcelona.  She is currently a painting instructor at the Academy of Fine Art Germany.

Dried Flowers by Nurzada Nuzzipzhanova

Portrait by Aya Aziz

Tenebrist still-life by Aya Aziz

In the Forest by Nurzada Nussipzhan

Cast painting by Aya Aziz

Floral composition by Nurzada Nussipzhan

Still-life by Aya Aziz

Still life painting by Aya Aziz

Portrait "Juliet" by Nurzada Nussiphzan

"Sa movar" by Nurzada Nussiphzan

Self portrait by Nurzada Nussiphzan

Landscape painting by Jingsi Liu

Landscape painting by Jingsi Liu

Dynamic painting by Jingsi Liu

Cast drawing by Jingsi Liu

Life drawing by Jingsi Liu

Cast drawing by Jingsi Liu

Painting by Michael Weiss

Painting by Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss at work

Painting by Michael Weiss

Sculpting by Duk Nam

Sculpting by Adriana

Still life painting by Sofie

Bargue Drawing by Ravit

Bargue Drawing by Keti

Cast painting by Tina

Cast drawing by Tabi

Old master copie by Charlotte

Cast sculpting by Isi

Cast drawing by Tina

Cast drawing by Mi-jin

Cast drawing by Mario

Cast drawing

Cast painting by Nan Jiang-Popvic

Cast drawing by Marie Baldermann

Cast drawing by Paris Krotz

Bargue drawing by Paris Krotz

Cast drawing by Marie Baldermann

Still life by Nan Jiang-Popovic

Cast drawing by Paula

Cast drawing by Paula

Cast Drawing by Sofie

Drawing by Arno

Self portraiture by Marie

Cast Drawing by Stella

Cast Drawing by Theresa

Cast Drawing by Stella

Cast Drawing by Tina

Cast Painting by Sophie

Mastercopie painting by Jacqueline

Speed drawing by Stéphane

Cast painting by Danica

Cast Painting by Sophie

Final painting by Marie

Bargue drawing

Still-life painting by Marie

Portrait sculpting by Danica

Sculpting by Paula

Cast Drawing by Borna

Sculpting by Arno

Bargue drawing by Kirstin

Cast Painting by Jacqueline

Model room

Sculpture room

Sculpture room

Sculpture room

Bargue drawing by Anne at foundation drawing workshop

Art history lesson by Michael Weiss

Students during figurativ drawing classes

Students during bargue drawing

Sculpture room

Class lesson "Introducing in Oil painting"

05 August 2024 to 09 August 2024

Plein-air painting Workshop from 05.08. - 09.08.2024

Im Atzelnest 3, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hessen 61352

590 EUR

- Painting course for beginners & advanced students
- Composition
- Oil painting landscapes
- Painting in and from nature
- Learn to paint realistically & professionally