Fallow Ground Fallow Heart

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Clark Gussin

21st Century Realist artist

Fallow Ground Fallow Heart

36 x 48 x 2 cms | 14 x 18 3/4 x 0 3/4 ins

“Fallow Ground Fallow Heart” 36”x48” oil

It was a common setting in the rural South when Clark Gussin was a young man living on a small tobacco farm in Southeast North Carolina. Clark’s family roots for over two hundred years. Looking back Clark realized how much the people, landscape, and life on a rural family farm would influenced his life and art. His curiosity and attention to detail in the rugged and worn hands of a field worker, to the faceted, bleached boards on the side of a pack house. The juxtaposition of his natural surroundings, and the plowed furrows on the land before planting that inspired this painting.

Oil painting on Linen on Panel