Yuehua He

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Yuehua He

ARC Associate Living Master TM


Born 1959

Born in Beijing, China



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Yuehua He's path to painting has had its challenges.
Yuehua was born in 1959 in Beijing, China. Yuehua's mother was an art teacher and she taught him how to draw. He participated in art activities in school. His dream was to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. However, at that time, students were not allowed to go to college unless they were chosen by someone in the government.
After high school Yuehua went to the army. In the army, there were not many opportunities to draw, but when the chance arose he drew what he saw in his surroundings. Four years later, Yuehua left the army and entered the cinema and drafted movie posters. Each movie poster was 2 meters x 7 meters long, and it usually took one to two days to finish painting. During this time Yuehua was admitted to the Central Academy of Arts and Design Night University (renamed the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts). The Secretary to the Minister of Electronics Industry invited Yuehua to work professionally. He worked in the State Council and the NPC Standing Committee from 1982 until 1987, after which he worked as the curator of the Beijing Museum of Art and Design. Yuehua worked there until 2000 when he immigrated to the United States to become a full-time painter.