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Ed Copley

ARC Associate Living Master TM

American 21st Century Realist artist

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Email: copleyart@aol.com

Ed's education in art is extensive. He attended the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio, and the Famous Artist School in Westport, Connecticut where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1965. Following these studies, he worked as a commercial illustrator for various advertising agencies and continued his career by becoming a highly-skilled restoration artist, meticulously restoring paintings on canvas, wood panels and oils on copper plates.

It was through restoring old master paintings that truly developed his depth of understanding the techniques used by the great artists of the past. The knowledge that he gained over the past 45 years, has helped him to understand their methods which he now incorporates with his own creative ability. Ed stated, "Working in a classical or representational style I paint what I would hang in my own, home, I paint for myself. This may sound selfish, but I believe that the best artists are the ones who paint for themselves. We are our own worst critics, but that's what keeps up evolving."

When he's not working in his studio, he devotes a portion of his time researching sites and events in order to create a scene. A significant amount of time is devoted to finding the right models and clothing for the painting.


Member, American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works
Founder, Western Artists of America
Member, International Guild of Realism
Founder, American Society of Traditional Artists


2002 Tucson Museum of Art
2003 Tucson Museum of Art (Gold Medal Award for Best Oil)
2004 National Western Art Foundation
2005 Hubbard Museum of the American West
2006 Hubbard Museum of the American West
2007 Hubbard Museum of the American West (Silver Award for Best Oil, and Awarded Best Overall for Collection of work)
2009 Museum of Western Art (Bronze Award for Best Oil, and Bronze Award for Drawing)
2010 International Guild of Realism (Best Figurative Award, and Pioneer Award for Realism)
2010 Timken Museum of Art - San Diego, CA. Special permission to paint Mrs. Gage, by John Singleton Copley, my great, great, great grandfather.
2010 Art in Embassy - Exhibition in Bujumbura, Africa
by Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State
2011 International Guild of Realism - (Best Figurative Award)
2011 One Man Show - Mainview Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ. (Timeless Beauty)
2011 Pearce Museum of Western Art
2011 ARC 2010-2011 Salon Competition (Finalists in figurative Category)
2012 Pearce Museum of Western Art


Loyola Museum - Chihuahua, Mexico - Painting Title "Two Apostle's"
Museum of Western Art - Kerrville, Texas - Painting Title "Calling the Buffalo"
Pearce Museum of Western Art - Corsicana, Texas - Painting Title "Patchwork on the Run"


Valley National Bank
Indian Art Magazine
Anheuser-Busch Corp.
Ohio National Bank
Gordon Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Quayle - Former Vice President USA
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Schayes - Former NBA Star with the Denver Nuggets
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Spreitzer


Mainview Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ
Mountain Trails - Gallery Jackson Hole, WY.


2012 International Guild of Realism
2012 One Man Show - Mainview Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ.
2013 Pearce Museum of Western Art


The Legend of HIAWATHA - Stories and Paintings by Ed Copley ISBN 978-1-4507-8413-9


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