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Scott Kennedy

ARC Associate Living Master TM

American 21st Century Realist artist

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Works which embody beauty, spirituality and mystery are a good place to start in describing the paintings of Scott Kennedy. His new and forthcoming works are the result of a diverse personal exploration in the visual arts which, so far, span more than three decades. His journey, since graduating with a bachelor of fine arts from Colorado State University in 1981, has included a successful career in illustration, commercial art and over a hundred print editions through American art publishers. His passion in fine art are both figurative subjects and landscape.

Scott's recent figurative works explore the soul and essence of his subjects though an open window. These antique window frames serve as both beautiful as well as a symbolic metaphor which, in effect, create a three dimensional quality. Each painting is a beautifully executed study of the subject. The primitivity of these waxed wood frames with their original shutters, hand forged latches and hinges, contrast and complement the softness of the paintings with a raw and rich simplicity.

In his landscapes, there is a deep sense of mood and spirituality which typically incorporates a theme of transition... chaos to order, darkness to light, and abstraction to realism. To view up close, they are composed with an intricate use of color, stroke, detail, lines and swirls of paint, inks and metallics. On an intimate level, each is a lively yet ordered exploration in abstraction... yet as the viewer backs away, a very clear and detailed work of realism is apparent. Each work is a beautiful and sophisticated statement in which the majesty of earths creation and creator is celebrated. Scott and his wife Becky have four children, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren. They make their home in Northern Colorado.

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