Anthony J. Waichulis

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Anthony J. Waichulis

ARC Living Master TM

American 21st Century Realist painter, teacher and trompe l'oeil artist

Born 1972

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"Anthony Waichulis - (b. 1972) hails from rural Pennsylvania and has established a national reputation for his trompe l'oeil paintings. The brilliant dimensionality he achieves is as effective and as brilliant as the two most well know American trompe l'oeil artists John Peto and William Harnett. But Waichulis goes well beyond in terms of the finiteness of his imagery. His paintings are compelling while conveying a sharp and wry sense of humor. Working with a focused discipline and a steady hand, he achieves perfection. Currency, cards, photographs, Ephemera and memorabilia make up the subject matter and the results are unbelievable." - taken from

Waichulis began his academic artistic training under the tutelage of realist painter and instructor Michael Molar. It was in college where Anthony met Mr. Molnar, inducting Waichulis into a world of painting that he would dedicate his life to. His college years would provide significant strides in his Waichulis' artistic development resulting in much attention regionally and afar. His first one-man show sponsored by his alma mater would end up a near sell out within one hour of its opening. This was a foreshadowing of the reception his work would receive across the nation.

Continuing his education in Baltimore, Maryland, Waichulis attended the Schuler School of Fine Arts. He would meet some of the most respected artists in their field. The school was founded by nationally renown portrait artist Ann Schuler, who had served as assistant to Jaques Maroger, former Director of Restoration at the Louvre. A brilliant faculty offered a wide spectrum of expertise that would add new dimension to Waichulis' endeavors. Baltimore would also receive his work with resounding interest, allowing his Trompe L'oeil paintings to become highly prized by knowledgeable collectors from across the country and abroad. It was at this time Waichulis thought of returning to Northeast Pennsylvania to continue to pursue his work in the region in which it began.

The Waichulis Studio is now located in Pennsylvania, where Anthony had taken his first steps towards a promising future. His works have since been published in almost every major art publication worldwide including The Artist's Magazine, American Artist, American Art Review, Art News, Art-Talk, as well as many others. Waichulis, now exclusively represented by the John Pence gallery in San Francisco, has staged many appearances in key exhibitions across the country including the Smithsonian Institute and the Arnot Art Musuem's Re-presenting Representation. Dozens of successful shows across the United States have refined Waichulis'endeavors as his work has taken top awards in national and international competitions such as Artist's magazine's Annual Competition and the Art Renewal Center's International Salon Competition. Anthony has also since returned to teaching at the college where he began, alongside his former mentor Michael Molnar, with the hopes of bestowing the same influence and guidance granted him.

"My painting efforts still remain as steadfast and focused today as they have when my journey began. I continue to teach and lecture privately, at academic institutions, and various art associations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. My desire to learn and grow as an effective Representational Trompe L'oeil painter remains unfettered. I aspire to honor those I follow and strive to give benefit to those who may one day follow me." - Anthony Waichulis

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