William McGregor Paxton

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William McGregor Paxton

American painter

Born 1869 - Died 1941

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Biographical note by Brian Yoder, the donator of most of the scans in the ARC Paxton gallery:

William Paxton was an excellent and historically important figure who was an important link between the best painters of the 19th century and the survival of their techniques into the 20th and beyond, but it is very difficult to find prints of his paintings or much of anything else about him. After searching for several years for a book on him I have found one at last in the form of the (long out of print) William McGregor Paxton by by Ellen W. Lee, R.H. Ives Gammell, and Martin F. Krause, Jr. and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


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Image courtesy of Don Kurtz

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