Ali Al zobaede

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Ali Al zobaede

United States

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Ali G Alzobaede : Director and founder of REAL Academy of Art in Colorado, It is the first arts academy state interested in classical training , and the first art academy recognized by Art Renewal Center in the state of Colorado , he is classifeid by A.R.C ( Art Renewa Center ) The Art Renewal Center which is an international Art Organization in USA that aims to preserve and revive the high standers of craftsmanship and excellence . Born in Babel, Iraq, Ali Ghassan Al-Zobaede practiced fine art as a professional artist before entering the fine arts faculty. Following the footsteps of the old masters, he can draw and paint using various techniques and using almost any medium. He have master in Art & several important exhibitions; personal and group exhibitions. He have two local first prize awards (in Iraq) and three international first prize awards (two in USA & one in France).
· classical training under supervision by the Art instructors in Atelier style form ( Italy and Russian )
· He has a lot of research in the field of visual Art ( Drawing , paintings , Sculpture ) and
· He Specializing in art science,
· He Did research and investigate the secrets of Art old master Contemporary style .
· Before entering the university, He wandered around for years seeking knowledge from various resources that
· would develop my art skills.
· 2010 - 2011: Masters in Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, Babel University (Babel, Iraq )
· 2004 - 2008: Bachelor of Fine Arts
· Faculty of Fine Arts, Babel University (Babel, Ira
〓 2017 Art Student League of Denver
= 2017 Art Center for Aurora Government( Bicentennial Art Center )
= 2014 art instructor REAL Academy of Art – Colorado, USA Denver
〓 2014 – 2015: Art Instructor
Imagination Celebration – Colorado, USA
〓 2008 – Present: Freelance Illustrator
〓 2011 – 2014: Supervisor, and art instructor
Orient Academy of Art – Hadath, Lebanon
〓 2013 – now: Art Instructor
Fabriano Art Institute – Zalka, Lebanon
〓 2012 – 2013: Art Instructor
Lebanese International University – Saida, Lebanon Teaching art classes for graphic design.
〓 2011 – 2012: Art Instructor
University Institute of Technology – Jwaya, Lebanon Teaching art classes for architecture and interior design.
〓 2009 – 2011: Art Instructor
Al-Kufa University - Al-Kufa, Iraq
〓 2007 – 2010: Interior and Theatrical Scenic Designer
Babel, Iraq
〓 2006 – 2009: Art Instructor
Babel, Iraq
Teaching painting at my own atelier.
〓 2003 – 2007: Printmaker
Babel, Iraq
Printing, silk-screening and etching
〓 2001 – 2003: Carpenter
Family’s Carpentry Shop – Baghdad, Iraq
Creating bedrooms and wood carving.
〓 2000 – 2003: Skilled Artist
Baghdad, Iraq
Painting and selling artworks to art galleries in Baghdad.
〓 1999 – 2001: Graphic Designer
Fahed Center for Design and Printing – Baghdad, Iraq
• Sculpting
• Mural painting
• Arabic calligraphy
• Arabic arabesques
• Painting on porcelain
• Stained glass painting
• Preliminary designs for architecture and interior designs
• Etching
• Silk-screening / Print Screening
• Wood Carving
• Theater decors
• Story writing
• Art criticism
• Digital Painting
• Graphic Design
• 2016 Best of the Show from Sunny Vista 2016 USA Colorado
• ARC Associate Living Master from Art Renewal Center
• 2001 then 2002 the first prize of Iraqis for talented high school
• 2006 first prize for young artists (under the age of twenty) / Paris, France.
• 2006 Golden medal / US Minnesota.
• 2011 First prize for the US team for peace in the state Minnesota / Minneapolis (paintings stay from collections
of Minneapolis City Museum) United States of America.
Finalist / Portraiture 14th International ARC Salon

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