Ayuesh Kumar Agarwal

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Ayuesh Kumar Agarwal


Ayuesh Agarwal b.1991 is a contemporary painter and teacher, currently based in Hyderabad, India.

He is interested in opposing ideas creating harmony on the canvas primarily capturing the contrast between the literary and the abstract. The literary being, the world we are living in, physical and tangible elements represented by figures and objects on the canvas and the abstract is the individual psyche – the world of the soul, infinity, and the intangible. He is always experimenting with the process of painting, various materials, textures, and paint applications in search of the innovative trying to incorporate contemporary and modern ideas with classical techniques. In his words “I am fascinated by the desires of human beings and the subconscious and constantly find inspiration from the people around me, finding the works of artists that speak to me or simple mundane objects in nature. It is truly humbling and motivates me to become a better artist and painter”.

He grew up interested in video games and animation. And at 21, he worked as a game designer and artist. His motivation to be a better artist led him to seek training at various ateliers which marked a unique turning point as he fell in love with the traditional process of painting. He graduated from Barcelona Academy of Art in 2019 but also studied at the Florence Academy of Art and Los Angeles Academy.

He trained in the context of figurative painting and wishes to spread the knowledge which led him to open his own school Samsara Academy of Art in Hyderabad, which is India’s First Atelier dedicated to teaching the highest level of Classical and Contemporary drawing and painting techniques with methods derived from the Renaissance and the 19th Century European Academies.

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