Lisa Mozzini-McDill

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Lisa Mozzini-McDill

United States

Artist Statement:

Creating artwork that is realistic but loose, expressive as well as meaningful is an ongoing endeavor. What I think about when painting is emphasizing an exciting play of light and shadow, an interesting composition, and enhancing a scene that evokes a deeper meaning or emotion in me. It is my intent that this depth and emotion I feel will also be communicated and resonates with the viewer.


Lisa Mozzini-McDill graduated from San Diego State University with Honors, Distinction in Art and a BA in Graphic Communications. She worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, and portrait artist for over 10 years in San Diego. Lisa has continued her education with workshops by Elizabeth Tolley, John Budicin, Ken Auster, Michael Obermeyer and Joseph Todorovitch. Today she works primarily in oil creating, plein air landscapes, larger studio work, and commissioned portraits. In addition to teaching in her studio and at Parkhurst Galleries, Inc., she demonstrates for various art groups and gives workshops. She was featured in the artist's spotlight of The Press-Enterprise; July 14, 2008, she has been published in Orange County's Best magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine; Oct., 2017.
Lisa is an Artist Member in California Art Club and a Signature Member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

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