Irene Antich

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Irene Antich


Born in San José Costa Rica in 1984, she grew up in an environment surrounded by nature, art, and classical music. During her life, the love for animals and environmental awareness have always been present. Along with her professional training, Irene has built a profile as an artist with strong ideals and a vision of art as a means to actively influence the construction of a fairer world.

She has a degree in graphic design from the Véritas University in Costa Rica, also she has studies in realistic drawing from a private atelier, and right now is close to complete the intensive program specialized in realistic drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

In addition, she has expanded her training with different artistic workshops, including a design workshop at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico, USA,  an intensive drawing, painting and art history workshop at the Florence Academy of Art, in Italy, also in Seville, where she took a workshop specialized in animal portrait in oil.

In recent years she has worked in different branches of art and culture, producing and organizing events such as drawing sessions with models and live music, group painting exhibitions as well as teaching drawing and painting classes for children and adults at different ateliers and schools.

Also, she is the founder of the artistic project Paint 2 Help with which through painting she collaborates with different sanctuaries and animal shelters around the world.


Previous exhibitions:

International exhibition at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. 2013.

Collective exhibition of the 2014 Embrujarte fair.

Collective exhibition at the Talentum Gallery. Costa Rica 2016.

Talentum Gallery anniversary exhibition. 2017.

She participated as an artist and organizer of the exhibition “Nuevas Caras del Realismo” at the Casa Escalante Gallery, Costa Rica. 2017.

Currently she continues to exhibit several works at the Talentum Gallery in Costa Rica.

International collective exhibition Misnoma in Barcelona, ​​2018.

International collective exhibition at Galería Cobeña Barcelona 2019.

International collective exhibition Misnoma in Barcelona, ​​2019.

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