Jan Lowe

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Jan Lowe


BIO – Jan Lowe, AGRA

Janice M Lowe was born in 1949, lived and worked in England, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada South Africa, Europe lives in Victoria Australia.  In 2016 moved to the country from the city of Melbourne to a farm with her beautiful man and cat to a remote island.  Changed her professional career from Engineering to Art as a Professional Artist, exhibitor and teacher in Scratchboard.

Her late father, a gentle person with a passion for the planet and nature, he was a photographer and farmer.  He used to say to her when they walked the expansive mountainous farm  – “learn to see beyond what you see and feel the emotion no matter what the subject, draw or photograph with that passion and in time, you will see”, he is her “inspiration”.

Her professional focus was in the engineering aerospace sector, however she studied part-time for a Degree in Fine Art successfully.  Is a continual student of art and is influenced by the works of May Whyte, Richard Hanson, Harley Brown, David Taylor, Robert Bateman and the greats of Rembrandt, Sargeant, Vermeer, the beautiful drawing of Charles Barque and George Bridgman etc.

She has held successfully several solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions since 2006 to hold two solo exhibitions in August and September 2021 in Scratchboard and Watercolour.  Her works are in various Australian and international organisations.  She teaches the art of Scratchboard.

She belongs to many organisations, and is active with the following - International Society of Scratchboard Artists; The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Australia Guild of Realist Art (AGRA), Guild of Nature and Wildlife Artists in Australia; Victorian Artist Society; Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc; Association of Animal Artists UK.

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