Alexander Adell

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Alexander Adell

United States

A great work of art glorifies our world and does justice to what might otherwise be overlooked.  In each painting, I strive to create both a heightened and humbled version of reality.  It is especially exciting to find fresh meaning in something familiar.  The things we see every day are sometimes the things we never see at all.  Every moment offers us an opportunity to stop in our tracks and admire the grandeur of the world.  

There’s always a new challenge in each picture I make.  There’s no formula.  If something moves me, then I feel it's guaranteed to move others.  And it's my responsibility to use my gifts to communicate that.    I want to reflect the tradition of the past masters, but also to renew it and make it modern.  Ultimately, I am grateful for my ability to paint because it allows me to further understand and appreciate the world around me.

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