Daniela Werneck

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Daniela Werneck

United States

Daniela Werneck is a realistic watercolor painter, based in Houston - TX, whose work combines what is the most traditional in watercolor methods with a contemporary look.

Born in 1974 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dani Graduated in 1999 from the Fine Arts School of Rio de Janeiro, where she majored in Interior Designer, the area she worked in until she moved to Australia in 2008.

A self-taught watercolorist, Daniela became a full-time artist in 2015, focusing on realistic figurative watercolor; since that, she has been exhibiting nationally and received numerous awards in regional and national competitions. Her work has been published in books and magazines, such as Splash 19 and 21, American Art Collectors, and the Watercolor Artist Magazine.


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