Yi Hsuan Lee

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Yi Hsuan Lee


Calligraphy, ink painting, sculpture and jewelry design are the current creative projects that I focus on. Although their materials and techniques required are quite different, the core concept of creation is the same.

I enjoy using both microscopic and macroscopic perspectives to observe the germination and growth of animals, plants and microorganisms. As I have been immersed in oriental culture since childhood, I believe that there is invisible energy called “Chi” in the world. It follows a specific route and flow again and again. The same is true as the creatures I see. Their movements, stretches, and changes are with continuity and directionality, just like airflow. The process may be quiet and soundless, but full of poetry and dynamics.

In my works, I try to preserve the sense of flowing in such a gradual transforming process. Simultaneously, I would like to break the boundary between reality and fantasy, in which animals can be transformed into plants, and abstract ideas can be transformed into tangible substances. I hope that the works will be able to bring you a new perspective to the world.

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