Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth and Freedom by Raquel Di Carvalho

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Raquel Di Carvalho

Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth and Freedom


150 x 150 cm | 59 x 59 in

Oil on canvas

  • ARC Staff Awards ($100 Cash Award)

“Freedom of thought is accompanied by knowledge and that leads to truth and wisdom. In the history of humanity we have acquired a series of information through books written by thinkers, philosophers, historians, etc. Our origin and the accumulation of knowledge has led us to evolution and a constant search for the truth. Only with this do we have the tools to face deception, lies, or mental slavery. The empowerment of the people is done with the culture and we protect life if we become wise. Animals, in this work, are the symbolism of nature, of our world that needs nature for its survival and balance.” – Raquel di Carvalho