Ascension by Candice Bohannon

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Candice Bohannon



53.34 x 50.8 cm | 21 x 20 in

Carbon pencil, charcoal and acrylic on duralar

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Drawing

Ascension is a reminder that life is brief and what we do with our brief moments on this earth is very important.  It is a contemplation on the things that really matter, what our actions can accomplish, what our efforts can leave behind, using the breath of life we were given in the brief time we have.

In a way, this piece is a memento mori, meant to recall the ephemeral nature of life and to help meditate on what we should devote ourselves to during that brief time.  I was thinking a lot about the Christian saying “Vanitas Vanitatum” meaning “All is Vanity”, referring to the idea that no matter our accumulation of wealth or accolades, we leave this world like any other, and the true riches are those efforts that nourish the soul and impact others for the better.  The crown of leaves is symbolic of the changing seasons, the cycle of life, and the inner self. The breath escaping is how that inner being is expressed in this world, through actions, words, movements and stances of the active physical being. She is bare and fragile, just like the leaves, a reminder of our transient existence. " – Candice Bohannon