Moored In Calmness by Sergio Roffo

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Sergio Roffo

Moored In Calmness


60.96 x 91.44 cm | 24 x 36 in

Oil on linen

Exhibiting at Salmagundi

This work is on loan from a private collection.

"Moored in Calmness was inspired by a salt water lagoon on the island Martha's Vineyard. The study was 11 x 14in. and was painted 'a la prima'. I finished it in one sitting on a late afternoon. As the study was near completion, the sun was just about to set, creating a wonderful glow on the scene that I tried to capture in the larger piece.  The broken marsh and beach sand along with the contrast of the trees and shadow reflections completed the composition.  I visited this area many times before and the mooring was always without a dory.  On this particular day I was rewarded with a dory to complete the scene." - Sergio Roffo