Self Reflections by Kyle Sims

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Kyle Sims

Self Reflections


76.2 x 91.44 cm | 30 x 36 in


Exhibiting at the MEAM

Exhibiting at Salmagundi

This work is on loan from a private collection.

“While I enjoy painting all the larger felines of the wild, the tiger would have to be up near the top in terms of how striking they are. I think that any wildlife artist worth their salt might agree. However, with this piece, I was initially captivated by the color harmony created by the murky water juxtaposed with the rust colors of the cat. I also liked the thought of pushing the cat to the top of the composition in a sort of extreme way and then to have that balanced by the lines of the water that are almost imitating the stripes of the tiger.  It feels like poetry to me the way those lines move and interact with each other, all the while being drawn up to the tiger’s gaze.” – Kyle Sims