Sword in Hand, Greed of Command by Bruno Galuzzi Corsini

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Bruno Galuzzi Corsini

Sword in Hand, Greed of Command


182.88 x 152.4 cm | 72 x 60 in

Oil on canvas

  • Collections Magazine Award

Exhibited at the MEAM

Exhibited at Salmagundi

"Sword in Hand, Greed of Command was inspired by the influence power can exert on a person. I come from Brazil, a country where corruption is very visible and at the same time it is hard to catch. That is something I wanted to portray using a character that was imbued with said power and would provoke you to wonder, 'How did this man achieve such power?' More importantly, now that he wields it, what will he use it for? I aim to raise such questions to create a story behind the image. Creating an image with meaning is my ultimate goal as an artist." - Bruno Galuzzi Corsini