Under Heaven by Taffari Crawford

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Taffari Crawford

Under Heaven


20.32 x 40.64 cm | 8 x 16 in

Charcoal on paper

  • ARC Staff Awards ($100 Cash Award)

Exhibited at the MEAM

Exhibited at Salmagundi

"The image is composed of a pair of black, male hands performing the 'blood' gang sign, with a few very small and delicate flowers placed between the fingers. I wanted to use this image because of how symbolic it appeared; the hands performing this gesture and its relation to violence, the symbolism of flowers and also, the word 'blood' and its meaning. I also find interesting, the physical representation of words and the abstraction which occurs when they are made from found objects. I found it interesting that this word could be made from just strategically wrapping your fingers together. There is something quite crude, juvenile and innocent about it, that I find interesting. The flowers are strategically placed in order to abstract the image of the hands a little, for those who maybe familiar with the sign. Conceptually, I think the flowers are seductive, making the image; which would commonly be viewed as negative; more approachable to reveal the quieter aspects it." – Taffari Crawford