The Echo Chamber by Alicia N Ponzio

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Alicia N Ponzio

The Echo Chamber


167.64 x 127 x 40.64 cm | 66 x 50 x 16 in

Plaster and wood

  • Honorable Mention / Sculpture

The Echo Chamber describes a cycle of inneffective communication. The two figures are depicted in a disagreement. One portrays agressive behavior while the other is in a passive stance. Each protects his own opinion by avoiding open communication. The figures are at 3/4 life scale, shown in plaster with clay stain. The pedestal, in walnut wood with natural finish, is integral to the composition, supporting the figures and placing them in relation to one another. The two are seen at eye level, at an equal height, connected by the rythms between their hand gestures and gazes. The piece is based on observation of how we interact, and despite the myriad (and immediate) ways in which we're able to connect, how we often remain isolated. My plan is to enlarge the composition and cast it in bronze.