Anara Abzhanova

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Anara Abzhanova


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My name is Anara abzhanova. I am 34 years old. I live and work in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since childhood, I have been hearing impaired and speak sign language. Sometimes I can tell by my lips. I write in Russian and English. As a hearing-impaired artist, I became a pioneer in the recognition of fine art in Kazakhstan on the global art scene. My paintings convey the light of the city, the flowering of the Kazakh cherry, the beauty of Greig's tulips, the Kazakh nature, the garden illuminated by the winter sun. I work in contemporary art with oil and acrylic canvas.

A single mother, a former physics teacher, raised me as an only daughter. My family is small. I sincerely thank my mother for teaching me to work tirelessly and supporting me in everything, no matter what. This helped to reveal an independent personality as an artist. In 1998, my mother took me to an art Studio for deaf children under the guidance of teachers. They opened my way to the mysterious world of art, opened my potential. For seven years, I watched their work, learned the secrets of painting. My long road to success lay through the difficulties of actively participating among hearing artists in prestigious competitions and exhibitions. I successfully completed my bachelor's and master's degree in painting.Since 2009, my realistic-impressionist landscapes and flowers in my paintings have been awarded at prestigious competitions all over the world: Iran, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Chile, USA, Italy, Spain, France. Twenty works were exhibited in the carousel of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France in 2014.

Now I am working on a new creative project on the author's series of paintings "Light of Almaty city" for the theme of the upcoming exhibition "Thousands of colors of Almaty". Almaty is the city of my childhood. My image of the city in every picture is a place of joy, freedom, and love. For Almaty landscapes, I always choose the brightest, sonorous colors and the most expressive silhouettes. This city with a great history is young and fast, mobile and changeable. Unique and beloved!

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