Leslie DuPratt

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Leslie DuPratt

United States


Leslie DuPratt, Signature member AWA, is an oil painter who has been showing her work in Sacramento CA and the surrounding area for the last 20yrs. She has a degree in Fashion Design and Illustration from FIDM in Los Angels and a B.A. in Art Studio from C.S.U.S.. Her art is mostly figurative as she feels painting the human form is the most rewarding. Her subject matter is woman balancing home and career and uses many lavish vintage clothing that she has collected over the years as costumes. Her smaller still-lives are vignettes of her larger paintings with everyday objects of stiletto heels, lipstick, compacts and cleaning products. She hopes her work will leave the viewer with contemplating thought or amusement. 

My large life size paintings are still frames of what could be a glimpse into the "film" that is a woman's life. They are comprised of everyday objects that are frequently found in households mixed with beautiful vintage clothing and accessories that I collect to create compositions of otherworldly environments. 

My smaller works are vignettes of my larger work that I consider to be my little jewels. The compositions are filled with jewels themselves and coveted objects that I and most women find essential. Makeup, dish ware, luxurious clothing with stylish shoes, all are brought together to create a medley of the feminine perspective.     


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