Cesar Meza Anguiano

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Cesar Meza Anguiano


Cesar Meza was born in Leon, Mexico in 1988. Even as a small child he was interested in the world and human experience through the lens of painting and drawing. He began his formal training at the prestigious University of Guanajuato  and graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Visual Arts.


At the same time he was working as a conservation and restoration technician honing his precision and attention to detail. Among his many projects were the restoration of ten eighteenth- century paintings from the Temple of San Juan de Sahagun Salmanca, Guanajuato, nsd the conservartion of a pompey fresco (fragment) of the f1st century.


Cesar has lived his professional life dedicated to aesthetics and craftsmanship within classical art, constantly reshaping his understanding of life in this world by seeking a naturalistic representation of the figure in modern times. He is a poet of the deeper voice of beauty and vulnerability. Recently relocated to New York where he has continued his formal schooling at The Grand Central Atelier. The school is a collaborative workspace for the study and practice of figure drawing, painting and sculpture.


Mr. Meza has received partial merit scholarships in the past in the grand central atelier.

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