Vaibhav Naik

15th Annual ARC Salon (2020-2021)

Vaibhav Naik


Vaibhav Naik was born in 1992 in Mumbai, India. He currently works Principal Instructor in Samsara Academy of Art in India and a painter with a special corner for landscape and travelling. His work is primarily focused on painting from nature while exploring different places and cultures while paying close attention to the beautiful colors harmonies and the play of light and shadow.

He graduated from JJ School of Applied Arts and has won various awards including 2nd runner up award at the 4th annual portrait society of India 2019, V.A Mali award for the best portrait in the professional category at the 127th Bombay Art Society annual art exhibition. His most recent solo exhibition Runanubandha showcasing landscapes from his various travels across India. was held at Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.

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